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4743Re: Name that Sacred Site -Sadako

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  • Chris
    Dec 4, 2004
      > Question: Is this truly a sacred site? It is the place of one of
      > the greatest disasters in human history. Does that make it sacred?

      War and destruction certainly doesn't automatically make it sacred.
      However, a site may become sacred in time due to its gravity. With all the
      meaning vested in the Peace monument its atmosphere is naturally charged.
      This lends itself to the formation of the sacred, if nothing else.

      But does it inspire? Or just awe-- in the sense of awful.

      The story of the girl is inspiring. She may have vested that site with its
      sacred seed: leave it to a young girl to do that, eh. ; ) Like the lily
      that is beautiful BECAUSE it is so utterly fragile...

      So "no" to the monument; "yes" to the girl.

      Good question, Dan. Way to lead a discussion.

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