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4616Re: gematria, sacred geometry question

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  • wodric
    Aug 3, 2004
      Hello Theresa,

      93, I beleive is a number used by Thelemites in greetings and
      salutations. It's connected to the '93 current', so that might be an
      avenue. I'd type '93 current' into a good search engine. As far as
      geometry, you might glean some esoteric clues by determining which
      polygon the number conforms to (triangular numbers, pentagonal
      numbers, etc., ala Pythagoras) and investigate the deeper
      significance of it. The digital root of 2793 is 21, of which the dr
      is 3.

      I don't know if any of that will help you, but I know how number and
      geometry can get under your skin until the least little thing
      shatters the veil.

      Alaf sig runa!

      --- In sacredlandscapelist@yahoogroups.com, "Theresa Smart"
      <theresarsmart@h...> wrote:
      > Hope this isn't too far off-topic, but I have a question regarding
      > deeper significances of the number 2793, from the standpoint of
      gematria and
      > sacred geometry. This number appeared to me in a dream about a year
      ago and
      > I have been trying to figure out its meaning since then with
      > success.
      > In my own research I have found of course that 3 x 3 = 9 and 3 x 9
      = 27
      > (reading the number backwards), and that 3, 9, 27 is a geometric
      > (or 27, 9, 3), which is found in the "Drum of Shiva", the pulsating
      > instrument of creation. I do not have a deep understanding of this
      > and that is what I am seeking.
      > I would appreciate any ideas, advice on where to continue with this.
      > Theresa : )
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