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4614Re: gematria, sacred geometry question

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  • h_springer2001
    Aug 1, 2004

      you may want to look into grid harmonics and learn about Bruce
      Cathie's research into the grid system, harmonics, and the unified
      field. His website is http://www.worldgrid.net

      Unfortunately there is little information found on his site about
      his personal life or the books he has written on the subject.

      Do a search on www.Google.com for Bruce Cathie, & check
      www.amazon.com for his books, which are most interesting.

      By the way, anyone using his software program 'Gridpoints' please
      contact me, I would like to run a few tests on a theory I have.


      --- In sacredlandscapelist@yahoogroups.com, "Theresa Smart"
      <theresarsmart@h...> wrote:
      > Hope this isn't too far off-topic, but I have a question regarding
      > deeper significances of the number 2793, from the standpoint of
      gematria and
      > sacred geometry. This number appeared to me in a dream about a
      year ago and
      > I have been trying to figure out its meaning since then with
      > success.
      > In my own research I have found of course that 3 x 3 = 9 and 3 x 9
      = 27
      > (reading the number backwards), and that 3, 9, 27 is a geometric
      > (or 27, 9, 3), which is found in the "Drum of Shiva", the
      > instrument of creation. I do not have a deep understanding of this
      > and that is what I am seeking.
      > I would appreciate any ideas, advice on where to continue with
      > Theresa : )
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