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4610RE: [sl] geometers wanted

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  • Mark Swaney
    Jul 23, 2004

      Cool group - I am definitely joining.


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      Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 4:59 PM
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      Subject: [sl] geometers wanted

      Please join my Yahoo group Polytopia,


      Polytopia: Searching all Dimensions of the Cosmos for signs of
      Intelligence in the form of...
      Mathematical Models, Geometry, Geometric Art, Symmetry and
      Proportion, The Golden Ratio, Polyhedra and Polyhedron Models,
      Platonic and Archimedean Solids, Tiling, Tesselation and Patterns,
      Geometry in Islamic Art, Fractals and Chaos, Star Polygons, Compass
      and Rule Constructions, Crystalography and Quasicrystals, Geometry in
      Nature, Phylotaxis, Mathematical Astonomy, Space-Time Geometry,
      Fibonacci Numbers, Logarithmic and Gnomonic Spirals, Hyperbolic and
      Spherical Geometry, Trigonometry, Polytopes, The Fourth Dimension,
      Polychora, Hypercube, Topology, Knot Theory, Celtic Knots, Minimal
      and Ruled Surfaces, String Art, Curve Stitching, Geometry Modeling
      Kits and Toys, Zome, Spirograph, Harmonograph, Synergetics, Geodesic
      Domes, Oct-Tet Truss, Space Frames, Buckyballs and Fullerenes,
      Nanotubes, Crop Circles, Esoteric and Occult Symbols, Trivium and
      Quadrivium, Sacred and Profane Geometry, Labrynth, Mandala, Yantra,
      Yoga, Meditation, Kolam, Vedic Mathematics, Pythagoras, Tetractys,
      Kabbala, Gematria, Geomancy, Arithmology, Numerology, Spirograph ,
      Geometric Blacklight Art, Geometry of Music and Sound of Space,
      PsyTrance, Techno, Ambient, Architecture , Harmonics, Occult
      Sciences, Alchemy, etc.

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