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  • Chris
    Oct 1, 2003
      Why are storm gods always male? Google "storm goddess" or "goddess of the
      storm" and you will return hits for Inanna, Ishtar, Lilith and the Morrigan
      (among others). But with all the rewriting of myths going on today it is
      hard to say whether these are accurate or not. Inanna and Ishtar are more
      known for their fertility. As for Lilith and the Morrigan, perhaps another
      member here can say with more conviction what their essential attribute

      Two stronger hits are: (1) Ran, Norse goddess of storms and wife of the sea
      god Aegir and (2) Dsovinar, Armenian storm goddess and wife of the storm god
      Dsovean (born from the sea, her birth recalls the foam of Aphrodite).

      But again it may be asked if the sea god in his stormy sea aspect is not the
      real source of foul weather.

      Funny, the best example I can think of may not be real at all: the Marvel
      comics X-Men series has a female character called "Storm". Once for
      Halloween, one of my female friends dressed up as this Storm and ever since
      I realized what a powerful figure she makes. What a name, too.

      As for why they are mostly male, as it would seem, lightning, thunder,
      howling winds, and torrential rains...which would you rather label these:
      masculine or feminine? On the other hand, gentle Spring showers, a breeze,
      life-giving rain after a draught, and high scattered clouds: masculine or
      feminine? If your biases are anything like my own, you will see how such
      things worked themselves out.

      But not all cultures obey my biases so I leave it to other members to