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3698Re: eight-fold version of the 'St Hans Cross'

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  • Neil Fernandez
    Apr 1, 2003
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      In message <004301c2f803$3b7a3410$997c21a2@Inspironone>, J Vincent Beall
      <vincent@...> writes

      >> I wondered whether anyone on the list had come across a symbol that
      >> might be described as an eight-fold version of what's known in Germany
      >> etc. (in fourfold form) as the St Hans (i.e. St John the Baptist's)
      >> Cross and to Mac users as the symbol on the 'command' key.
      >> See <http://www.symbols.com/encyclopedia/25/2518.html>.
      >There is doubled version of this symbol shown on the smock that Galen wears
      >in the opening scene of the film "Dragonslayer". The square with looped
      >corners is duplicated upon itself after having been rotated 90 degrees. The
      >symbol is emroidered into the 'robe'. I had wondered where the symbol
      >originated, it seemed a combination of celtic knot design and the Buddhist
      >eightfold motif.

      Many thanks for this info. Apparently the four-fold symbol also has
      kabbalistic significance and was used by the Vikings.

      The rotation of a four-fold design by 45 degrees, although not exactly
      what appears on the coin, is interesting, reminiscent of various
      Templar/Maltese-type crosses.

      Also on the 4+4 theme, comparison of the coin design itself with Sam
      Loyd's donkey game is neat - there is a sort of 'vase and faces' effect
      where you can look at it as including four pairs, say AB CD EF GH, and
      then as containing four pairs, BC DE FG HA.

      Is Galen in the film based on the historical Galen?

      The looping at the corners in the St Hans Cross is also redolent of the
      tacking of a ship :-)


      Neil Fernandez
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