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3448Lure of Lost Teachings (was Gematria...)

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  • Seyfert-1
    Nov 14, 2002
      50021114 VII

      sri catyananda <cat@...>:
      > But, siva, there are fundamental differences between
      > 1) the actual recovery of lost teachings such as the
      > the Nag Hamadi library
      > 2) the scholarly reconstruction of misinterrted materials
      > and/or the re-interpretation as "fables" or "myths"
      > as "lost teachings" as in "Hamlet's Mill."
      > 3) the actual creation of spurious lost teachings as in the
      > Egyptian Secrets iof Albertus Magnus or the pseudo-Agrippa

      sure are.

      > Lumping these all together as mere "attention-getters" as you did

      it is their common quality -- they command attention by their
      quality of being "lost and discovered" and thus imply preciousness.
      after that their origin comes into question, which is where you've
      nicely focussed.

      > does not do them justice

      oh surely it does not as regards their importance, agreed. :>
      only as regards that particular quality.

      > or allow the discriminating student to distinguish one class of
      > information from another.

      nor was I attempting to do this, merely remarking on their shared
      quality in varying categories. it is one of the qualities that
      occasionally comes up in New Age materials, at least some of the
      pseudo-archaeology sources, and other hazard zones that may at
      times become part of Sacred Landscape discussions, I've noticed.

      > Also, by lumping them all
      > together, one is likely to throw the baby out with the bathwater --
      > classifying "Hamlet's Mill," for instance, with Von Daniken's "Chariots
      > of the Gods?" -- which would be a terrible loss, in my opinion.

      indeed. which would you suggest is the most collossal hoax of the
      books written for our subject list? convinced the most people of its
      reality (e.g. crop circles?), or duped the greatest number for the
      longest time? the most strongly related to 'lost' things? how many
      people believe there are 6th-10th books written by Moses (and who
      is the mysterious "Ancient Nation of Israel and of the Old and New
      Testaments" who believes "it is just as accurate to say that Moses
      wrote ten books as it is to limit him to the authorship of on the
      first five books of the Old Testament"?).

      I realize the differences of importance here, I was merely
      responding to Dan's comments:

      Dan Washburn <danw@...>:
      >>>> To recover the lost teachings is an historical adventure,
      >>>> a mathematical puzzle, and a mystical transformation. It
      >>>> is fascinating on all three grounds.

      this might apply to all manner of escapade, inclusive of the
      construction of sacred architecture (e.g. the reconstruction of
      the Temple of Solomon), divinatory systems (e.g. the recovery
      of some ancient Yijing Chess Oracle using dice), or channelling
      the Lost But Recovered Master Plans to Reality (in cypher?).

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