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  • Judson Chambers
    Oct 29, 2002
      Hello sacredlandscape forum:

      Dan wrote concerning "God-intoxicated priest/shamans"
      to which a minor recoil was felt on my part. Why I
      asked? Did I sense a possible misidentification of a
      group of individuals who deserve a better address? Did
      I sense that man, who would have reached the
      realization of a god-head responsible for the
      ever-gushing forth of primal forces for creative
      being, this man should be characterized as
      "intoxicated"? Was it erroneous on my part to percieve
      a misunderstanding of "intoxicated" and the context in
      which its spell had/has effect?

      Given, that I had arrived (without, I might state, a
      taint of toxic disturbance in the archetypic harmony
      in the balance of spirit and body) at the being of
      Godhead within my spiritual consciousness, I knew that
      perhaps a misunderstanding had arisen. Surely, I had
      not detected a perception of "intoxication" on my own

      But should it be understood that a development of
      consciousness is a pre-requirement for the grasp of
      the archetype of "godhead", its nuances, its
      behaviours? For surely those who have not developed an
      awareness of the "godhead" most often misidentify its
      actual functioning, resorting to various tightly
      embraced "perceptions" of the "godhead" that might
      themselves be regarded as evidence of "toxic".

      For example, many of those whose consciousness has
      experienced epistemologic development have realized
      that the "godhead" in its creative function releases
      what many claim it does not release, ie "omniscience"
      and "omnipotence". But these factors had to be
      released in order for the offspring of the "godhead"
      to have "freedom". We as his offspring share in his
      "science" (the knowing of spiritual or physical
      reality). We praxeologically share in his "power"
      (potence) in and over reality.

      There is one other factor, however, that is a uniting
      yet separating capacity that is situated in the midst
      of the 2 aforementioned let-loosed and freed
      "omni"-abilities. Those in the past who have purged
      their thinking and epistemologic capacities (even
      "priest/shamans") have won a perception of this
      praxeologic and golden truth. That perception, that
      the like energies of polarity must repel each the
      other, whereas the unlike energies must be compelled
      to embrace each the other, are both to be held in
      suspension within the framework of unified being
      itself. This is a macrocosmic as well as microcosmic
      consideration. Factually, there is a connection
      between the micro and macrocosm that contains this 3rd
      factor also.

      "Priest/shamans" and independants have found that
      ratio and ratiocination (without "intoxication") that
      underlies and precedes the phenomena of "number", that
      pervades throughout the elaboration of "number"
      (complicit in gematria and the kabala) without the
      loss but with the necessity of the 3rd factor cited

      With the intermix of growing "science" ("knowing" of
      reality, spirit or physical) free man found the
      understanding of that 3rd factor and named it the
      "vesica piscis" or the Christ principle.

      I should like to continue in a later post, especially
      pursuing an appreciation of how gematria and kabala
      relates to practical or praxeologic issues in our
      everyday lives, where one who has not entertained
      these archetypes and epistemologic realities may
      appreciate their connection to the cycles in which
      even imperical life persists.

      In closing, John Michell is just one of the burning
      lights reflecting upon these issues, and he is a
      positive source, yet there is more that underlies it
      that John Michell does not upheave. Perhaps we can do
      that in this forum. We can bring to surfaced a perfect
      understanding of gematria in a context of
      meaningfulness that "Alexandre" and many of us seek.
      We can discover the bearing such knowledge of gematria
      and even knowledge of Godhead can bring to everyday


      Dan Washburn <danw@...> wrote:
      Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:45:32 -0500
      Sub: Re: Gematria

      >God-intoxicated priest/shamans who were at the same
      time musicians, mathematicians, architects, and
      astronomers invented gematria and enshrined in it not
      only their sacred cosmology but the paths that they
      had blazed to higher consciousness.

      >In the west this happened in the Assyro-Babylonian,
      Greek and Jewish cultures. I suspect that it was also
      present in Megalithic society and ancient Egypt.

      >Gematria exists in early Christianity as a set of
      hidden mysteries; the 'solid food' of advanced
      teaching that is hinted at in Paul and the letter to
      the hebrews.

      >To recover the lost teachings is an historical
      adventure, a mathematical puzzle, and a mystical
      transformation. It is fascinating on all three

      >A while back I wrote a series of posts on the
      gematria of the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000.
      If you refer back to those posts in our archives you
      can see something of what i am talking about.

      >Most of the gematria in the Crowley venue and in the
      medieval Kabbalah that i have seen seems barren to me,
      mere games, not a revelation of truth. It is the
      combination of gematria with sacred geometry and
      mystical meditation that leads to the inner precincts
      of the Temple, the sacred cube that is the Holy of
      Holies, the place where God and Man meet on earth.

      >Sorry to be so religiously oracular here. This is
      all subject to debate and personal interpretation, of
      course. One of these days i will get it written down
      in an easy to follow way. I have in mind a workbook
      called Jesus the Geometer.


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