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3229Templars & palestines

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  • Alexandre
    Sep 2, 2002
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      Greetings to all,

      I've found this link that deals with Tarot and Cathedrals, specially old
      French ones, and become curious if anybody in the list has more
      information's about then , specially St. Denis.

      "The Oracle was designed as European kingdoms and the Catholic Church were
      fighting in the Holy Land. It is the landscape of this time and place that
      populates the images of the Tarot. The Order of the Temple, a military
      religious order present in Palestine and Europe, flew a flag representing a
      human cranium and two-crossed tibia [the famous Skull and Crossbones] on
      their ships. The human cranium is made up of 22 bones. The word "tibia",
      when decoded (see below), gives us the sum of 39. Two tibias give us the sum
      of 78. Other data of the sort point toward a link between the Templars and

      Notice in the King of Swords (Roy d' Épée) image to the right that the
      figure is sitting on a tomb with some markings near his calf. They are the
      letters G and H, or 7 and 8. The tomb the King of Swords sits on is coded as
      78! I believe that this image of a tomb in the Tarot alludes to the cenotaph
      of St-Denis in France. Below the image of the King is a picture of a scene
      inside the western entry to the basilica of St. Denis. The photo shows a
      Skull and Crossbones sitting on top of two sphinxes looking in opposite
      directions. That last symbol represents the line of horizon, the encounter
      between East and West, night and day. Together with the Templar's crosses on
      the various altars, these symbols clearly manifest the spirit of the time in
      France, the 'cultural conquest' of Palestine."


      Best to all,