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311[sacredlandscapelist] Re: Durga magic triangle SOLVED

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  • Seth Melchert
    Jun 2, 1999
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      Barry Carroll wrote:
      > good work tyagi.
      > so the figures were sanscrit numbers after all.
      > the figure contains other subtlties as well in the number groupings.
      > the numbers 1-2-3 form a triangle contained by a larger reversed triangle
      > of 4-5-6. i think i have seen such a figure called a shri yantra.
      > does anyone know this figure?

      Ah, the Sri Yantra, yes. Here are a couple of web sites I've found for





      The last one I take with more than a few grains of salt.

      But I have been trying for years to learn how to draw one of those
      things. It is absolutely amazing - 4 upward triangles interlinking
      perfectly with 5 downward. Several of these links above have recipes for
      the construction, and none of them are accurate. I believe it resides in
      the realms of initiation and secerecy to this day. A real koan.

      However, I have had deep inner experiences after working on attempted
      sri yantra constructions, however imperfect. Some years ago I believe
      there was a Swiss physicist working with sound patterns. I think he had
      liquid paraffin, and subjected it to various sounds, and one
      particularly "pure" sound produced a remarkable semblance to a sri
      yantra. Anyone have a reference for this?

      I believe it comes out of one of the Tantra traditions, and is not
      particularly associated with one personified divinity or another, other
      than simply Shakti. Spend some time with it.



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