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2978[sl] Re: cubical Holy of Holies

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  • Mark G. Ryan
    May 10, 2002
      super_romeman@... wrote on Fri, 10 May 2002 10:29:49 -0000:
      > "In the fourth dimension the infinite number of solids in the
      > Universe are in relationship with each other through time and
      > energy. ... The Fourth Dimension is portrayed geometrically by

      Time? Energy? WTH!! This is completely vague and says nothing.

      Time and energy actually mean something in physics. They are not
      just impressive-sounding words.

      > fractals and by the Hypercube. The Hypercube is the symbol used in

      Not a symbol. It is a geometrical solid: a mathematical object
      just as understandable as the cube.

      > mathematics to try and represent the fourth dimension in two
      > dimensions (a drawing on a piece of paper - a plane). From the center

      Incorrect. The hypercube is the trace in 3-dim. of a 4-dim. cube.

      It is no more "infinite" or "symbolic" than the square, which happens
      to be the trace in 2-dim of a 3-dim cube.

      > of the Hypercube through its 8 diagonals the Hypercube is related to
      > everything in the Universe. The infinity in the Fourth Dimension lies
      > in the infinity of relations."

      "Infinity" actually means something in mathematics. It is possible to
      talk about it with complete precision. It is not just a fancy word
      used to impress people and a peg on which to hang New Age nonesense.

      > http://www.fractalwisdom.com/FractalWisdom/fourth.html

      I'm very impressed by most of what is posted to this list and generally
      just lurk, but this was such a puff of hot air that I had to comment.

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