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2969Re: [sl] Fractals, Crowley and Sacred Geometry

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  • Dan Washburn
    May 4, 2002
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      Hi, John -

      Unfortunately I've just spent the last 2 days moving my
      office from one floor to another and things are a bit
      chaotic right now, but I think I know where the notes wound
      up, so I'll be sending out the details early next week.

      You might check out a book called The Shape of the Great
      Pyramid by a mathematical historian who reviews all the
      theories of how and why the pyramid has this particular
      shape. Mike Bispham originally put me on to it.


      JohnZDrake wrote:
      > > My notes on this are at the office, so I will have to give
      > > you details later.
      > Thanks! And thanks Barry too... Any info is appreciated. I expected
      > to find more about this on the Web, but most of the sites I found are
      > full of inappropriate capitalization, exclamation and punctuation,
      > which makes it hard to pick through for facts. ;-)
      > -John
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