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  • Dan Washburn
    Mar 2, 2002
      Here is a spiritual experience that a net friend of mine
      wrote to me recently. Thought you might be interested:

      Dan: Right! that's the part that bothers me.....enlightened
      beings behave
      somewhat differently.They would not come on like they had
      God in their
      pocket.(though,there are some strange stories out of India).
      I had the honor
      of meeting Shivaya Subramuniya swami at the palani swami
      temple in San
      Francisco in 1984....he was tall,with snow white hair. The
      minute he saw
      me,his gaze went straight into the private area's of my
      mind. He starred at
      me for a long time. Later,everyone went upstairs and I
      stayed downstairs in
      the quiet of Lord Muruga's temple to meditate...alone there
      I suddenly heard
      Gurudeva's voice inside my head...his mind filled the whole
      room,and my mind
      was somehow within his mind..it seemed natural to me...he
      said he had never
      heard the names I was chanting before...I said...in my
      head,that they were
      the 5 holy names of the Sant Mat path. Then quiet. A few
      minutes later,one
      of the priests came down and gently informed me that the
      master was waiting
      for me upstairs....There were other things that happened
      with him that day
      that just threw out all my concepts of consciousness.
      Later,I had some
      tangential contact with him...he just passed away this
      year,in november. His
      ashram was in Kauai Hawaii. He never tried to solicit
      me...he simply gave me
      instructions,and that was that. He walked like some of the
      Martial arts
      masters I have worked with in the past,Tall,straight and
      graceful...yet his
      gentleness was also apparent. Having once met a Sat Guru,or
      a real
      Master,you have a kind of yard stick to use against all
      others who make that
      enlightenment is very dangerous for the soul.After haveing
      met Gurudeva,I
      had a clearer picture of what Jesus must have been like. He
      must have
      carried himself with dignity and authority, and yet open to
      all..with a
      ready smile and a penetrating gaze.He would have seemed at
      ease in any
      situation...yet keenly aware of his surroundings. When
      wrapped in the bliss
      of Samadhi...his body would be rigid,and the eyes turned
      upward...able to
      stay that way all through the night...sleep is not
      necessary.The presence of
      a Master,even for one day,changes your whole life. Got to
      run,have to et to work.