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2803Re: Male vs Female Spirituality

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  • db575us
    Feb 3, 2002
      In regards to the question concerning Christian Churches that support
      a Goddess principle --There is a Gnostic Christian Church founded by
      the renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne called Novus Spiritus that
      espouses the duality of God by affirming both a Mother and Father

      The exact number of gods is uncertain, but Novus accepts at least
      two: Om - the Father God, and Azna - the Mother God. Novus teaches
      that the Gods are paired male/female just like all of creation, and
      just like the Bible says in Genesis.

      Information on Novus can be found at:


      --- In sacredlandscapelist@y..., Dan Washburn <danw@n...> wrote:
      > Anyone have thoughts on the following questions that they
      > would like to share?
      > Differences between a religion based on the worship of a
      > male deity vs one based on the worship of a female deity?
      > If the goddess is returning to the west, what forms is she
      > taking, are they christian or anti-christian?
      > Is anyone on the list worshipping a female deity? Is it in
      > revulsion to christianity or part of or reconcilable with a
      > christian spirituality?
      > Are there differences in temple architecture between a
      > religion based on a male deity and one based on a female
      > deity?
      > What do you think of 'Todays New International Version' of
      > the Bible that is supposed to be more gender neutral than
      > the 'New International Version'? Were you aware that the
      > New International Version has sold more than 150 million
      > copies since it came out in 1971? Is this a good or a bad
      > sign?
      > Should we be striving for androgyny in our spiritual life?
      > Asexuality? Celibacy? Sacred orgasmic tantric oneness?
      > Inquiring minds want to know!
      > Dan
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