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  • Barry Carroll
    May 13, 1999
      dan-- yeah, it has been quiet. for one thing its the end of the school year
      and crunch time in lots of ways. almost as bad as christmas.

      the "slip factor" in gematria has always bothered me. i understand that
      doesn't invalidate the poetic truth of some matches but it seems to me that
      when you
      play at this game the tighter the specs you hold to, the more legit your
      results seem.

      i sent in an extended piece to the list. it's an intro to a topic with a
      lot of loose ends.
      How gematria ties back to the subject of cosmology is something i plan to
      comment on.
      i've been holding back some writing on this a since november because there
      was no
      framework to place it in. also another piece on art deco and sacred
      geometry. without some
      larger nail to hang it on, it would fall flat.

      next week after i finish with the dentist, i'm going to duck out and go
      see mounds
      in louisiana/mississippi for 4 days. i plan to take a video camera. that
      way if anyone wants to
      see these places, we can pass the tape around.

      I really do want to get out to Virginia to see those churches and Wren Hall
      in the company of
      Steve Stewart and Mr Walker. I want to see for myself. it would be nice if
      you could come along
      too, since you are in the neighbor hood. No telling when that would be tho.
      Not before fall anyway.Timing is important on that so as to see the effect.

      along those lines, i dream of going to Yucatan on one of those $300 package
      deals that fly out of Houston,
      so as to see that serpent shadow at Chichen Itza .

      then there are the Newark Mound Circles in Ohio...

      the list goes on from there.B

      of At 11:14 PM 5/12/99 -0400, you wrote:
      >So far I have looked at the first 5 chapters of Dan Gleason's Gematria
      Mysteries of
      >Jesus Christ, not with any great depth, since everyday life still has me
      by the
      >throat. Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are very interesting and reveal new,
      probably true,
      >information. Chapter 4 on the Parable of the Sower I found hard to
      follow, with
      >very swampy diagrams. Chapter 5 is a variation on Dave Fideler's geometry
      of the
      >feeding of the 5,000.
      >So bravo to Dan Gleason, he has obviously done a lot of hard work and
      >exciting new material. I am not at all sure that it is the entrance to
      the holy of
      >holies of early Christian Gematria mysteries, however, though I have only
      read the
      >first 5 chapters in a semi-skimming mode.
      >One problem is the margin of error that he allows. I always understood
      that the
      >colel rule says that you can be one unit off and still mark it down as a
      >Hence 'great joy' which appears in both the Matt and Luke infancy
      narratives equals
      >889, one unit from the 888 of Jesus, but it is still a valid match in my
      book. Dan
      >G. argues (p 35) that when you are comparing gematria that runs into the
      >with the numbers on geometrical constructions, a larger margin of error is
      >-- variations of 1 to 2 percent are invisible to the naked eye on a
      >graph and hence should be allowed to count as matches. He therefore equates
      >numbers such as the gematria value 8467 and the graph value 8479.7752
      >Unfortunately he tells you in the text that the two are identical, equal
      to 8467,
      >it is only in an appendix that the variation is listed. So one has to
      read the
      >book with care or a false impression of exact matching is created.
      >Dan W.
      >P.S. -- Where is everybody? Is everyone's life as screwed up as mine
      right now? Or
      >is it just the Spring?

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