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270[sacredlandscapelist] Re: Gematria Mysteries of Jesus Christ

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  • Dan Washburn
    May 12, 1999
      So far I have looked at the first 5 chapters of Dan Gleason's Gematria Mysteries of
      Jesus Christ, not with any great depth, since everyday life still has me by the
      throat. Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are very interesting and reveal new, probably true,
      information. Chapter 4 on the Parable of the Sower I found hard to follow, with
      very swampy diagrams. Chapter 5 is a variation on Dave Fideler's geometry of the
      feeding of the 5,000.

      So bravo to Dan Gleason, he has obviously done a lot of hard work and uncovered
      exciting new material. I am not at all sure that it is the entrance to the holy of
      holies of early Christian Gematria mysteries, however, though I have only read the
      first 5 chapters in a semi-skimming mode.

      One problem is the margin of error that he allows. I always understood that the
      colel rule says that you can be one unit off and still mark it down as a match.
      Hence 'great joy' which appears in both the Matt and Luke infancy narratives equals
      889, one unit from the 888 of Jesus, but it is still a valid match in my book. Dan
      G. argues (p 35) that when you are comparing gematria that runs into the thousands
      with the numbers on geometrical constructions, a larger margin of error is logical
      -- variations of 1 to 2 percent are invisible to the naked eye on a draughtsman's
      graph and hence should be allowed to count as matches. He therefore equates
      numbers such as the gematria value 8467 and the graph value 8479.7752 (99.85%).
      Unfortunately he tells you in the text that the two are identical, equal to 8467,
      it is only in an appendix that the variation is listed. So one has to read the
      book with care or a false impression of exact matching is created.

      Dan W.

      P.S. -- Where is everybody? Is everyone's life as screwed up as mine right now? Or
      is it just the Spring?

      Dan Washburn wrote:

      > Mike --
      > Thanks hugely for the referal url to dan gleason's web site on the gematria
      > mysteries of Jesus Christ. I've looked at the 1st chapter and am in process of
      > downloading the book, but from what I've seen so far it may well be another
      > major piece in recovering the hidden wisdom in early christianity.
      > One thing that bothers me about michell, fideler, and now gleason is the lack
      > of spiritual content, of a real connection with the mystical heart of Jesus'
      > teachings and the inner radiance of the saints, the transformation into glory
      > as St. Paul calls it. We should be finding a treasure map in these mysteries,
      > not intellectual games for jewish/gentile geometers.
      > I ran across a reference to gematria in the building of King's College Chapel
      > (not really a chapel, since it is longer than Oxford Cathedral). Nigel Pennick
      > says in The Ancient Science of Geomancy that it has 26 stained glass windows,
      > 26 structural uprights, 26 ribs in each pair of fans in the vaulting, etc. 26
      > is the gematria number of the tetragrammaton IHVH and IHVH is carved over the
      > west door. Further the ground plan proportions are laid out via ad triangulum,
      > as can be seen in Reginald Ely's drawing for the chapel. (He has a book called
      > The Mysteries of Kings College Chapel which I have not seen.)
      > I've heard that there is gematria connected with Chartre Cathedral as well, but
      > have never seen an exposition on it. With two examples, the question is raised
      > as to whether gematria formed a hidden part of the science of cathedral
      > building.
      > Pennick's book contains a number of references to the history of ad quadratum
      > and ad triangulum which I think you would be interested in plus references to
      > early german and spanish writers on the secrets of cathedral construction.
      > By the way he has a great chapter on the omphalos (he agrees with my theory!).
      > Sorry I haven't had a chance to post on the netting on the omphalos, everyday
      > life has been pretty overwhelming the last few weeks, but I will get to it
      > soon.
      > Dan W.
      > .
      > Mike Bispham wrote:
      > > I was invited by Daniel Gleason to visit his site at
      > > http://www.jesus8880.com/homepage.htm, which details his book 'The Gematria
      > > Mysteries of Jesus Christ'. This might be of interest to a number of
      > > listmembers, and I'd be interested to know how you folks who know about
      > > this stuff rate his research.
      > >
      > > Mike

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