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2390Re: Pythagorean triples/area-perimeter relations

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  • mikebispham@cs.com
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Hi Neil

      Re the area/dia business - of course its obvious when you see them as
      decimals. We're looking at whole number right-angle triangles, pairs of
      which will fit together to make whole number rectangles, so of course both
      diameters and areas will be either whole or whole and a half! Still, might
      lead on to an interesting look at the distribution. We'd really need a way
      of generating *all* pythagorean triples to do that.

      Re your angles calcs; is there any chance of a copy of your spreadsheet that
      calculates them? I can do radians but not sine etc on my spreadsheet, and I
      don't know how to work radians for trigonometrical purposes.

      In a message dated 31/07/01 13:42:31 GMT Daylight Time,
      neil@... writes:

      > In message <8f.e0ca206.2897f077@...>, mikebispham@... writes
      > >Hi Neil
      > >
      > >Fascinating as it sounds, (I've more to tell you about those angles when
      > >can see them), I can't open your spreadsheet. Could you save as
      > >non-excel and re-post? I suspect anything.ss will do. I use works for
      > >windows. Is there a generic file extension we can all use?
      > Hi,
      > here's hoping that there is!
      > '.ss' isn't in the list of what comes up when I try to 'Save As...', and
      > the following message comes up when I try to save as a .wks file:
      > "A formula in a cell (Cell:B3) could not be converted because it contains a
      > function that is not available in the file format to which you are saving.
      > If you continue the save, the formula and result will be saved, but the
      > function will be converted to an error value."
      > ...and the formula in Cell B3 is:
      > =IF(AND(INT(SQRT(B$2^2+$A3^2))=SQRT(B$2^2+$A3^2),B$2^2+$A3^2<10001),"*","")
      > I haven't had any experience with Works, so can't home in on the problem
      > here. Maybe it is something minor?
      > Here is the full list of available 'Save As...' options in Excel 97 (aka
      > Excel 8).
      > xls
      > wks
      > xlt
      > prn
      > txt
      > csv
      > xlw
      > wk4
      > wk3
      > wk1
      > wq1
      > dbf
      > dif
      > slk
      > xla
      > (html)
      This opened ok, but I only have numbers, not calculation. Is that right?

      > I've saved it as csv (comma separated variables), attached below, hoping
      > this works. If this is the generic format we can all use, this will be
      > great, the file is only 16kB in size. Not sure what 'ss' is - is it the
      > 'generic' spreadsheet format used by Works?

      I can't save as csv. My options are:

      works ss
      works for windows 3.0 ss
      works for windows 2.0/works for dos ss
      text & commas
      text & tabs
      text & tabs(dos)
      excel ss
      lotus 1-2-3
      works 3.0 for macintosh ss (*.ss)
      works 4.0 for macintosh ss (*.ss)

      I've attached a 'text & commas' file (which saves as csv - loses 'special
      formatting' - bold, italic, don't know what else, but at least we can still
      open it. Does this work for you? (If any mac users want a copy, please
      request one)

      I've added columns to the triples for:

      SUM (perimeter)

      I can see some interesting and resonant numbers emerging, which might attach
      particular significance to those triples that generate them - especially in
      the sexagisimal framework. So far my favourite is:

      18 24 30 216 72

      A very sixy number!


      > Also attached is a screenshot of one part of the spreadsheet, saved as a
      > .jpg file.
      > >PS does this contain the 1-100 square item you've been discussing?
      > Yes! :-)
      > >Lastly, below, is a GS calculator you can use to discover where your
      > >should be, and other useful things. Input your height, ta da! Maybe we
      > >should do a survey of slandscapers, to see how close our average navels
      > >to the 'ideal'!
      > ...and how many of us are hi-phi and how many are lo-phi! :-)
      > Best regards,
      > Neil
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