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2185intro from author about N Amer sites

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  • Amy Martin
    Jun 1, 2001

      I am a journalist of 15 years experience currently writing a book that details
      the rich and profound, yet largely unknown, ancient goddess and Divine
      Feminine traditions of this continent. It is a serious project with a literary
      agent and all that, and I am already very deep into the research. But if you
      have some special insight or source of info about, or if you have had
      experiences at, the following places -- Cozumel, Teotihuacan and Tepeyac in
      Mexico, in the mountains or caves of the Southwest, at a mound site along the
      Mississippi River, in Ohio or Wisconsin, or at the Black Hills of South Dakota
      –- please let me know. I am at moonlady@... or 214-320-3851 if you lack
      internet connections. Thank you in advance for you time and consideration.

      Also, I present seasonal celebrations in Dallas, Texas. This Summer Solstice
      we are re-creating some mound processions using people to form the enclosures
      instead of dirt, along with 5 different styles of indoor and outdoor

      Although I just got in the list, I didn't see anything about Martin Gray's web
      site in the archives, so I'm including it here: http://www.sacredsites.com
      His breakdown of the qualities of sacred sites is very thorough.

      peace. . . AMy