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2011A Theory of Everything

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  • mikebispham@cs.com
    Apr 1, 2001

      Hi John and Everyone.

      I've had another rush of blood to the brain, which seems to me to provide an
      important new insight into the issues we've been exploring. See what you
      think. Please forgive the narrative approach, I'm pressed for time, and find
      it easiest to write if I'm 'talking' to somebody!

      I wanted to take another look at the lambda, which according to Plato
      describes part of the divine maths of creation. I started with at look at
      etymological roots. I won't go into every detail, because that will obscure
      the overall picture:

      Lambda: 11th letter of the greek alphabet, " A consonant transliterated as
      1."; related to hebrew 'Lamed'.

      Lamed: 12th letter of the hebrew alphebet, from hebrew 'ox-goad' from its
      shape. (Remember that ox goad.)

      Even: related to Eve, event, every, related to latin eventus - a happening,
      from venire - to come.

      Odd: 'Od - archaic 'God', 'ode' from greek 'eidos' - 'shape', 'form' from
      greek 'Hudos' - a way, path. Odin - Norse supreme creater god, god of
      wisdom. Links (one imagines) to odysey and odyseus. The pathmaker/Governer.

      David Roth quite confidently describes the Creation/Adam and Eve story as an
      encapsulation of an older story in which Eve is 'Mother of all living'. "Her
      hebrew name is Hawwah, and jewish tradition links this very rare name with
      the prime verbal root ' to make live' - 'hayar - which is in itsef an
      Akkadian word."

      So Eve is, etymologically speaking, shaping up nicely as the personification
      of the mother/female/even side of the lambda. Similarly, 'Od, Odin and
      Odysseus can be postulated as corresponding to the father/male/odd side. The
      Lambda itself might be linked to a meaning found in 'ox-goad'

      The Lambda then is looking like an expression of a mathematical understanding
      of the underlying world, a creation theory, based itself on ancient ideas
      concerning a mother/father duality.

      Now we've seen this duality before in the matter/form duality that became the
      official position on substance in the catholic 'hylomorphism', and I've
      speculated in the past that the vesica pisces, traditionally understood as a
      device that describes just this duality, and its result.(matter and spirit is
      the usual interpretation, together with 'coming into being' and 'doorway, or

      So, the etymology of the vesica pisces

      Vesica: vessel, 'Vesta' roman goddess (of the hearth - cosmic hearth?),
      linked to 'vestan' - chaste nun. Vestment - clothing. That's working fine
      as a picture of the female, passive and receptive, mother/mater/matter, eve
      and even. The Cup.

      Pisces is harder however. The fish, maybe a reference to the astrological
      period? Now the tricky bit. Remember that hebrew root for Lambda, lamed,
      'from its shape, ox-goad'?

      Ox is obvious. The Bull, An earlier inhabitant of Pisces' role; The Ruler.

      Goad, as in 'spur', egg on? Or as in GOARD, container, vessel? That's more
      like it; Ox/male/pattern, goard/female/receptacle. A back-to-front vesica
      ox. The only difference is the astrological charactor.

      Building on this, we can see that while the female/passive/even/matter side
      of this equation remains steady from ancient hebrew through plato and the
      classical world, the male/active/odd principle is cast as the *ruling
      astrological charactor*.

      Someone will, I'm sure write to tell me that the ox/bull/taurean side doesn't
      fit the chronological bill. I think it does, at least according to my 12th
      C. schema of the elements, which shows Taurus-Aries-Pisces-Aquarius. Which
      is where we are now isn't it? And Aries, right in the middle, the
      Ram/Lamb(da)? (Buggers up the first theory I know, but its just as good!)
      Until then, I'm suggesting that the piscean side of the matter/form
      expression, the vesica pisces, is simply the 'Form' given during *a fixed
      time period*.

      Interestingly, this make time itself part of these equations; the very idea
      of Time takes on a new importance. Of course, Time began with the Creation -
      of course its important. Without Time, we couldn't 'Be'. And we can link
      this idea to the expressions of harmonic accordance in time that are
      demonstrated in the 'cultural numbers' that involve time. Of course, a king,
      or line of rulers should be governed by a harmonic of the time-structure of
      the world. (Ruler - measurer of time?) Etc.

      So the 'Form' that is united with matter in the great copulating dance (the
      Lambada!?), is shaped by the great-year governors, the astrological rulers of
      that time. We can see this in the harmonic relations of cultural numbers and
      the precessional year.

      A diagram of the great duality, which conforms perfectly in several senses to
      both the VP and the Lambda - the two most striking precision-expressions of
      the nuts and bolts of Being, and the textual account, hylomorphism:

      ODD EVEN
      ODIN EVE
      2NESS 3NESS (2*3 = 6, or sex, the first perfect number, and the rest!)

      The result of the union is Being, exquisitely tuned to the musical 5th in
      structure. Time likewise tuned; events in time tuned, harmonised, literally,
      mathematically, with the rhythm of the heavens.

      The arithmetic expression of the great male/female dance is through the
      harmonics of the Lambda.

      The geometric expression is through the harmonics of geometry, (itself
      containing a still more intricate account of creation.)

      Both these, and the expression of time-order, are found in the

      The resulting dance is tuned to the 5th, the first and choiciest harmonic,
      'sesquialter' - 'sex'?

      There's work to be done here, this is clearly an evolving vision, but... is
      this making sense?

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