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  • Barry Carroll
    Mar 2, 2001
      Calling statuues an insult to Islam, Afganistan's
      hard-line Taliban rulers on Monday ordered that
      they all be destroyed, including this Fifth century
      Buddah,one of two over 100 feet tall and carved
      out of a mountain [at Bamyan] west of Kabul.

      Kabul, Afganisatan--
      Taliban soldiers,using everything from rocket launchers
      to tanks have begun to destroy all "idolatrous" images
      in Afganistan-- including two ancient statues of Buddha
      carved into the face of a mountain. The head of UNESCO
      has asked other Islamic nations to pressure the Taliban to
      stop, while the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
      in New York has pleaded for the artifacts to be donated to
      foreign museums.

      These people are pigs.
      their oppression of women in the name of
      Islam is already legendary--now this.
      At the newsstand this week I saw a Time
      magazine article about the crippling drought
      plaguing that nation on top of trade sanctions
      intended to weaken the grip of the Taliban.
      The population is in terrible shape and this
      iconoclastic frenzy is how the decide to use
      their resources.
      If you look at the attachment you will see that
      the face of the the statue at Bamyan has already
      been destroyed by some earlier wave of religious
      vandalism --whether Hindu or Islamic-- i forget.

      Also,more related lunacy---
      In Chariot of the Gods, Eric Von Daniken,
      says that this figure was originally the image of an alien
      that was recarved into a Buddah.