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1830Re: [sl] The Bembine Table of Isis

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  • Barry Carroll
    Jan 5, 2001
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      because of your post, i was happy to have
      the chance to read about the Bembine Table of Isis
      in Manley Hall's, The Secret Teachings of All Ages
      and in the much better links SL member sent in.
      Based on Manley Hall's own account, the Table appears
      designed to present the very sort of material
      that interests you--that is "linking the zodiac with Tarot cards"--
      but just like the links, the sources he quotes conclude that
      it may not really be Egyptian but instead
      "it reflects the neoplatonism of a later period".
      He ends the chapter with a quote from someone who
      gives the opinion that it was likely commissioned by
      an individual for personal use.

      Judging by the date when it first surfaced--
      [1527, according to Hall]
      it seems likely the item was produced near the
      beginning of the Rennaisance. I would add that
      this is the same era when the Corpus Hermeticum
      and some other well-know Neoplatonic documents
      of alleged Egyptian origin began to circulate thanks
      in part to the newly-invented printing press.
      At that time Egypt was seen as a pure source of
      pre-christian knowledge. In this same era the
      Jewish Kaballah was viewed in a similar way.
      To present a collection of Neoplatonic writing as
      translated from ancient Egyptian sources--by adding
      "old fashioned flavor"-- guaranteed readers.

      PS **
      Pet Peeve

      The dramatic quote Manley Hall uses to open the chapter---
      Plato's initiation in subterreanean tunnels under the Pyramid---
      seems used simply to illustrate the legend that surrounds
      the thing. As mentioned, Hall himself casts doubt on its
      Egyptian origin and it seems unlikely that Plato got near it.

      The quote itself is fabulist nonsense. Was this Thomas Taylor
      present at the event? What is the basis for this claim?
      When authors present this kind of thing as true, it muddies up
      the water and is not very helpful at getting to the facts.

      [for my money, the setting for the initiation
      might as well be Santa Claus' subterreanean
      workshop at the North Pole, the Easter Bunny's
      egg factory or the Tooth Fairy's castle.
      I'll boil my shoe and eat it on Edgar Cayce's front
      porch when they find those tunnels.]

      Happy New Year

      At 11:59 AM 12/28/00 -0200, you wrote:
      >Hi List, Happy New Year to all,
      >In the book The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall we can read at
      >page. 76 'A manuscript by Thomas Taylor contain the following remarkable
      >paragraph: "Plato was initiated into the 'Greater Mysteries'at the age of
      >49. The initiation took place in one of the subterranean halls of the Great
      >Pyramid in Egypt. The ISIAC TABLE formed the altar, before which the Divine
      >Plato stood and received that which was always his, but which the ceremony
      >of Mysteries enkindled and brought from its dormant state."
      >This Table is the only past document ,that I found, witch links the zodiacal
      >signs and the Tarot Trumps almost in the way ( beside in two dimensions) as
      >I did in the Domus , inside the octahedron, could anyone give some clues or
      >hints about this table, any help will be very appreciate.
      >Alexandre Weber
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