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1199Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater

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  • mikebispham@cs.com
    Jul 1, 2000
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      Anima: Evidence of a Yogic Siddhi

      Stephen M. Phillips (SMN)

      Vedanta Press, 1996, 66 pp., no price given. ISBN - 8170592976 0

      Reviewed by Edi Bilimoria
      One does not have to be a connoisseur of quantum physics to sense the
      intrinsic worth of a lucidly presented scientific exposition, any more than
      one needs to be an academic botanist to appreciate the beauty and perfume of
      a rose. Non-scientific readers should bear this in mind while perusing this
      book which deals with the confirmation by modern nuclear science of large
      portions of the Occult Chemistry books by Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater
      (the 3rd edition contains nearly 400 pages with 230 illustrations).
      Scientifically equipped readers on the other hand will feast on the scholarly
      and painstaking manner in which Stephen Phillips has shown how major sections
      of the clairvoyant researches of Besant and Leadbeater are validated by the
      findings of particle physics.

      Dr. Phillips develops his argument by presenting the problems with science
      and then describes the quark model. He moves on to explain his statistical
      and qualitative tests before outlining the string model and the micro-psi
      confirmation of the latter. Finally he shows how the apparent conflict
      between the scientific version and the clairvoyant descriptions of atoms and
      subatomic particles can be resolved by duly taking into account the
      disturbance of the microscopic particles caused the very act of paranormal
      observation. Besant and Leadbeater have attracted more than their fair share
      of mindless criticism. Whereas much of their endeavours did run amok and
      cause considerable confusion, yet it is imperative to give credit where it is
      justly due. Occult Chemistry is arguably one of their finest contributions
      and it is heart-warming to note how the labours of these two pioneering
      Theosophists, combined with Dr. Phillips' work, have demonstrated, on a
      scientific basis, the vast reservoir of powers latent in both Nature and Man.

      The foreword to the book, enthusiastic and warmly sympathetic, is by no less
      an authority than the Associate Director of the Physics Group of India's
      prestigious Bhabha Centre for Atomic Research - a high commendation in

      Dr. Edi Bilimoria is the author of Mirages in Western Science Resolved by
      Occult Science