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Re: Running a few test of my system please ignore

test 2 http://groups.yahoo.com/;_ylc=
Aug 22, 2010

Running a few test of my system please ignore

test one http://groups.yahoo.com/;
Aug 22, 2010

Sprayed Lacquer - Wood turning Techniques

* Benefits * Easy to apply. * Rapid process. * Membership at 100% with underlying layers. * Easy to erase. Cons * Not as resistant to scratches. * Low
Super Artist
Jul 19, 2010

Tips for woodturning beginners

.Here are a few tips to get you started: Use sharp tools This makes turning much easier and quicker, and means that the wood is cut smoothly. My bowl gouge
Super Artist
Jul 9, 2010

Getting started in woodturning

"Which lathe should I buy?" This is a frequently asked question on woodturning discussion forums. As you should expect, there is no single answer that works
Super Artist
Jul 1, 2010

Search engine sites wood lathe (new)

This search engine sites Turning Wood.. Would get only what you want !! http://woodle.co.cc/ [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Super Artist
Jun 22, 2010

Multicenter Lathe Statue: A Experimental Test Project

Some time ago I decided to try Multicenter Wood Turning or as some write Multi-Center Turning. I'm not good with hyphens... I think If I ever get around to
Super Artist
Jun 21, 2010

3 Tips For Using a Actress Movement Lathe

If you seethe faction way to use a writer turning lathe, it module presently become one of your contender tools. Here are triplet important tips for using a
Super Artist
Jun 20, 2010

Other techniques of wood turning

Eccentric turning - turning a single piece multiple times, upon different axes each time. Oval or elliptical turning - turning a piece using an accessory
Super Artist
Jun 19, 2010

Re: Basswood & Butternut Chess board

Don't know if anyone else exists here. Have you checked the BT3000 forum at: http://www.bt3central.com/forum.php Best of luck with your project. Happy
Dec 15, 2008

Basswood & Butternut Chess board

I'll try and post a message and see if there is any life out there! I am making a basswood and butternut chess set. I have all the pieces completed and
Marvin W. Huddleston
Dec 14, 2008

Wanted, Dead or Alive

Is this group dead also? I found another group to join but was told it has been dead for years. Joined here but only see messages 2006 and earlier. Shame if
Marvin W. Huddleston
Dec 14, 2008

Re: very off topic question

thanks i'll give that a try as soon as the weather cools down a bit. Not sure if 90 degree weather is good for anything except drinking cold beer. But the
Aug 6, 2006

Re: very off topic question

If, in the future you decide to re-do it, heres what I would do: When mixing the new cement, add concrete adhesive to the mix. You buy it in a one gallon
Roger S. Dillman
Aug 5, 2006

Re: [Ryobi BT3000] Re: very off topic question

If it's just now started cracking its probably not water freezing in it, you would have noticed that in early spring. I would get the manufacturer name and
Howard Marshall
Jun 19, 2006
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