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Re: [RVRR] a little running shoe fit problem; looking for a company to sell me 2 different size shoes...

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  • Gene Gugliotta
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    Message 1 of 2 , May 8, 2012
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      On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 7:24 PM, Dave Schatz <dschatzz@...> wrote:

      Does anyone know of a running shoe maker that will sell me 2 different size shoes (including ½ sizes) to make a pair? Over the years, I’ve been going up a size to fit one wide foot, with a long second toe, which could usually look and feel better.

      It’s crazy and I’m not giving up but how can I go up to a size 11.5 4E when my larger foot measures, maybe 9.5?

      I recently purchased a pair of New Balance, and still, the left shoe is not long enough. (My other foot was totally swimming in the next size up.)  

      My latest thinking is that I’ll just bite the bullet and purchase 2 pairs of shoes (swap out one shoe, from each pair, and get one pair for running in (hopefully I’ll use the other for non-running). I’ve done it years ago, but it was with a cheaper shoe; and, now I know that cheaper shoes don’t suffice. That’s the way I’ll get a custom fit. But, as you all know, the darn shoes don’t last long… 

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