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Thur Coed A team in need of female for summer season

Our coed Thur A team is in need of a female for the summer season that starts next week. Someone with setting experience would be great but anyone with
Joe Haggerty
Jun 20

Looking for Masters, MBB, or MB1

Guy looking for a team for the summer or longer. My MBB team folded so I would like to continue playing. Will sub or play as a regular. Can play most positions
Jun 17

Re: Summer sub, mens

We are looking for a full time on Tuesday. You interested? Thank You Jeremy Wood KG Services LLC
Jeremy Wood
Jun 15

Summer sub, mens

My MAA team is taking the summer off so I am available to sub on Sundays or maybe Tuesday. I'm an outside hitter
Bob Altermatt
Jun 14

Coed Masters

Guy looking for a Coed Masters team for summer season or longer. Can sub or play as a regular. Will sub on fairly short notice. You may need subs with the new
Jun 12

Looking for Men's A Team

I'm looking to join an A level men's team for the upcoming season. I would prefer to play outside or opposite but I could set if absolutely needed. Please send
Jun 10

Full-time player needed for Men's A3 Tuesdays Summer Season

Full-time player needed for Men's A3 Tuesdays Summer Season. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
Jun 9

Re: 6'4" Male Outside Hitter looking for a team

My men's A3 team on Tuesday is looking full time player if you are still looking for a team. Shoot me a text at 804-683-7235. ... I'm new to RVC and I'm
Jun 9

Re: Looking for a Monday or Wed night team

I'm a female interested in a team for the summer, coed is fine!! I mostly play libero, but I've been playing all positions with the A team I've been playing
Brandi Beers
Jun 4

Re: Looking for a Monday or Wed night team

Hi, Kim. Our Monday team is interested. If you'd like to come meet and check us out next week at tourney, we play at 6. Team name is Spikettes. On Jun 4, 2015
Nga Nguyen-Weaver
Jun 4

Re: 6'4" Male Outside Hitter looking for a team

Are you still looking for a team? I have a Mens A3 team that plays on Tuesday. We are looking for a full-time player starting with the Summer season. We are
Jun 4

Looking for a Monday or Wed night team

I'm interested in women's or coed. I've been playing women's a2/a1 for at least 15 years. I'm Looking to pick up another team/night of play. I am
Jun 4

Seeking hitter for Mens A3 on Tuesdays

Looking for one experienced full-time player for a Mens A3 team. This is for Summer season but could extend past that. We play on Tuesdays. I would prefer
Jun 4

Re: looking to join Wednesday or Thursday A or BB Team

I would be definitely be interested.  My wife only bump sets but is a good on defense.  Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone ... From:
Jun 3
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