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Rebel Content Tour Comp 2015

It would be very much appreciated if a tour comp was made of this amazing tour. One of the best tours Neil has done in years. It's like Neil is touring with
9:28 AM

Re: No tapers?

... [rust] < ... It won't take long and people will start to complain not being able to listen to a show the day before just to decide if it would be worth to
Johnny Yuma
Oct 12

Re: No tapers?

I am playing Spokane on Rust Radio. The taper sent me his recordings to play on the radio. He asked me not to share these publicly, he wants to do the
Roel van Dijk
Oct 11

A couple youtubes from Santa Barbara

These are just too cool not to share. Thanks to the tapers and videographers who got this - Neil Young - Down by the River (live Santa Barbara Bowl - Rebel
Oct 11

No tapers?

Spokane would be very popular 'round here. fRed Sun.
Fred Tenisci
Oct 11

Song prediction for Las Vegas tonight

I love all these early 70's Neil has been playing lately. Here We Are In The Years,Southern Man,Alabama,Vampire Blues,Are You Ready For The Country?,Time Fades
steven swatsworth
Oct 11

No Tapers

No tapers so far on this leg of the tour ?
Oct 11

Rebel Content Tour poster 2nd call

Please someone can buy for me the tour poster not signed at the concert? Rebel Content Tour Poster 2015 Signed
Oct 11

IRF Registration Deadline / IRF Events

IRF Registration Deadline: Payment MUST BE RECEIVED by October 12, 2015 If for some reason you can't pay in advance PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU ARE COMING as the
Harry Oesterreicher
Oct 10

Re: Four Walls = Star of Bethlehem?

In the same dates David Crosby submitted for copyright Carry Me and Time After Time, Graham Nash submitted It's All Right. Then Elliot Roberts managed Crosby
Oct 10

Blue Note Cafe

Fron Spin CDs website in the UK.. Ron Coming soon! Neil Young - Bluenote Cafe Limited Vinyl 4LP Box Set or 2CD set. Posted by Steve Posted on October 10,
Oct 10

Re: Daryl Hannah

except she is not one of the folks spreading the seeds.... On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 10:41 PM, Fred Tenisci spookedhorse@... [rust] < ... -- peace, marilyn
Oct 10

"Here We Are In The Years" dusted off...

Just heard the little minute long Youtube but they sure seemed to nail "Here We Are In The Years" with Micah on piano and Lukas doing superb lead electric.
Oct 10

Lukas Nelson interview (Neil content)

Something Real http://argonautnews.com/something-real/ http://argonautnews.com/something-real/ Something Real http://argonautnews.com/something-real/ Lukas
Oct 9

Re: Vampire Blues!!!

I was there. It was epic. What a surprise!!! peace, marilyn On Oct 9, 2015 11:34 AM, "shmucking@... [rust]"
Oct 9
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