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Re: Curiosity Poll Neil - Little Thing Called Love Jerry Garcia - The Wheel Willie Sugarcapps - Up To The Sky Peace and love, Ron Love And Only Love Sent from Samsung tablet ...
Love And Only Love
3:32 PM
Re: Curiosity Poll Neil - Bandit Drive By Truckers - Space City The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama Jeana Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone
12:07 PM
Re: Curiosity Poll Like this thread, my choices would be: Springsteen - Tougher Than The Rest Sarah MacDougall - Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Win Neil Young - Don't Spook
David Gore
5:13 AM
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Re: Curiosity Poll Goddamn Lonely Love - Live Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Putting Out Fires - Nils Lofgren Band Live Road of Plenty - NY & CH Live from Mike Cordoba's excellent
Stuart Lindsay
4:48 AM
Re: Curiosity Poll No Neil on the ipod (how could you listen to non-pristine Neil?). Stars – Take Me To The Riot The Motifs – Jour de Fete Jolie Holland – Mexican Blue
Richard Parkinson
11:31 PM
Re: Curiosity Poll No Reply - Beatles; Street Fighting Man - Stones; Too Much Monkey Business - The Yardbirds. fRed Sun
Bull Buffalo
9:32 PM
Re: Curiosity Poll Neil - like a hurricane King crimson - exiles Genesis- firth of fifth Three songs I never tire of, but there are so many more.
8:51 PM
Re: Curiosity Poll Oooh I like this topic. There are so many. I have to pick 3? Neil, oh gosh there are so many. And there are so many more from others. But here's a stab at it,
6:58 PM
Re: Curiosity Poll Neil - Hanging On A Limb Poco - Crazy Love J.D. Souther - You're Only Lonely Ian sillver wings of morning
6:29 PM
Curiosity Poll You'll be in the car for a couple of hours. You're listening to your ipod, and it is set to shuffle all songs. Name three songs (ONE Neil, plus two others)
NancyJo Leachman
6:20 PM
Neil on Nils song Hey all, I know there are some Nils Lofgren fans out there like me. He has a new box set coming out next month. There is a contest on Nils's website to win a
Apr 16
Re: What Neil has everyone been listening to? It's to bad they didn't include CTK from Toronto Massey Hall from the final lenoise show 5/11/11.It was indeed a smoking version to experience in
steven swatsworth
Apr 16
Re: The Sugar Mountain Years ... Thanks very much, Jim. That would be great. Bob is helping me construct a website for the book using a Wiks template. I'm hoping to get something up and
Sharry Wilson
Apr 16
The Stray Birds 2014-04-09 Matrix Waitsfiled VT  The Stray Birds played in the little venue in Waitsfield with killer sound by Tim Minkowitz 2 great sets. Many thanks for their hospitality as well as Nancy.
Apr 16
Re: What Neil has everyone been listening to? Been spinning Time Fades Away, Le Noise and Weld recently. Also finally got to see Journeys on Netflix, fantastic film but too short. They kept teasing "Cortez
John Kealy
Apr 16
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Re: What Neil has everyone been listening to? I've been listening to April 2, 2014 LA Dolby Theatre w/Thrasher. Cheers, Jim Try to Remember Peace
Jim McQuaid
Apr 16
Apr 15
Re: What Neil has everyone been listening to? I just listened to Rust Never Sleeps, which still sounds just as great as it did when it was released almost 35 years ago, and remains as one of my favorite
Apr 15
Chicago RustFests ++++TIME FADES AWAY++++ Less than a week to go for the Chicago Shows. Who is coming to Chicago? The April 21st and 22nd Chicago RustFest are on! The Fest venue
Apr 15
Re: The Sugar Mountain Years I will be watching for the website to order a signed copy .. Cheers, Jim
Jim McQuaid
Apr 15
any one interested in running ROTM poll? Takes little time, and a couple of emails a month. been doing it on and off for over 10 years and figure its time to let someone else take over bob
Apr 15
Re: What Neil has everyone been listening to? Today I've been listening to the 3/18/04 Radio City Music Hall ,NYC Greendale show,I just love that tour.And another show I keep going back to is the 3/13/13
steven swatsworth
Apr 14
Re: What Neil has everyone been listening to? ... I had Rust Radio (can't thank Roel for this enough even if I forgot his wedding anniversary on Saturday!) running for a couple of hours today so I was
Johnny Yuma
Apr 14
Re: The Sugar Mountain Years ... Hi fREd -- Nice to hear from you! At the present time, "Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years" can only be pre-ordered at amazon.ca., amazon.com and and
Sharry Wilson
Apr 14
What Neil has everyone been listening to? I've been enjoying his 3/29/14 show. I especially like Mellow My Mind. Ian silver wings of morning
Apr 14
The Sugar Mountain Years Can it only be purchased at Amazon? Thks. fRed Sun
Bull Buffalo
Apr 13
Re: Dallas Rustfests?? If you know of a place with reasonable food, good drinks/beer, and as a bonus, will let us jam, please let us know! Otherwise, out of towners (terri and I) are
Apr 13
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Dallas Rustfests?? Does anybody know if there are any pre or post show Rust get together's planned for Dallas this week? I'll be at the Friday show, and would like to hook up
Apr 13
++++CHICAGO RUSTFESTS++++ ++++CHICAGO RUSTFESTS++++ ==== April 21st and the 22nd==== 9 Days to Go! ++++CHICAGO RUSTFESTS++++ ==== April 21st and the 22nd==== The Chicago RustFests will
Apr 12
Thrasher Wow! The guy that requested thrasher at this one show yelled it so loud that he must've been sitting right behind the taper. . .RNS was my first Neil cd, which
Bull Buffalo
Apr 11
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