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Re: IMAGINE IF ...... there's a great Buffalo Springfield live tape

I wonder if anybody called to Springfield on tape at Bonnaroo 2011? It was a perfect concert. Cindi We played all night... On Mar 25, 2015 9:45 AM, "paul
Cindi Rimkus
Mar 25

why Neil's records do not deserve to be preserved?

Mar 25

Re: IMAGINE IF ...... there's a great Buffalo Springfield live tape

Just imagine!!! Peace, Paintin' and Smilin' from all 4 directions Kathy HGS Sent from my iPhone
Kathy Popple
Mar 25

IMAGINE IF ...... there's a great Buffalo Springfield live tape

I came across this Steve Miller Band live show which dates (April 27, 1968 in SF) during their early best years when Boz Scaggs and Tim Davis were in the band
paul bronstein
Mar 25

Re: Steve Jobs: F@ck Neil Young

Nah. They'd have buddied up and we would have had the iPono Richard To: rust@yahoogroups.com From: rust-noreply@yahoogroups.com Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015
Richard Parkinson
Mar 25

Re: Steve Jobs: F@ck Neil Young

... Just as well after all that talk about sound quality! Jobs would have hated him even more. Jules
Mar 25

Re: Steve Jobs: F@ck Neil Young

<<: Steve Jobs: F@ck Neil Young>> ... and he didn't even live long enough to purchase the 'letter home' .. as passionate apple hater, I can also add f@ck steve
Dave Weickert
Mar 25

Re: Steve Jobs: F@ck Neil Young

After that, Neil would actually go and visit Steve to discuss this subject. And as Neil would later remark: Steve listened to vinyl at home. -- Roel -
Roel van Dijk
Mar 25

Steve Jobs: F@ck Neil Young

http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/03/24/steve-jobs-f-ck-neil-young.html I hope Neil Young will remember, Cupertino man don't need him around anyhow
Mar 24

Re: Happy Equinox!

... Subject: Re: [Rust] Happy Equinox! From: Kathy Popple HipyGrlSml@... [rust] To: rewriterules@...
Johnny Yuma
Mar 22

Re: Happy Equinox!

You mean that winter is at it's end....😙? That is the biggest joke around these parts!!! Peace, Paintin' and Smilin' from all 4 directions Kathy HGS Sent
Kathy Popple
Mar 22

Re: Admiral Freebee

Glad you had a good experience “ On the Beach” Harry. Sounds very cool…. Kurt “Driftin’ Back” From: rust@yahoogroups.com
Kurt Ahrensfeld
Mar 21

Admiral Freebee

I became a fan of Admiral Freebee when they (he? Tom Van Laere) opened for Neil Young in 2009 at Antwerp and Rotterdam. I shot a video you can find on YouTube
Harry Oesterreicher
Mar 21

Phil Lesh Birthday Bash

Finally made it to that great Capital Theater the second night for Phil Lesh's birthday bash. Does it count as a Neil song that Warren Haynes sang All Along
Mar 21

Jonathan Demme film of Neil at the Ryman, fyi

Neil Young: Heart of Gold is showing several times over the next week on the various TCM X channels, central eastern and western. Check your local schedule.
NancyJo Leachman
Mar 21
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