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292487Re: [Rust] Bridge School Benefit 2017/ IRF

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  • Russell Courtenay
    Jun 18, 2017
      (Sent this back to you Deb, sorry, I forget David still has this list set up to respond to the poster- not the list)

      1997, I remember it well. 

      1996 was my first BSB and first time back to Cali in a while. I asked my girlfriend to marry me before I left because I couldn't stand the thought of traveling without her ever again. 

      We got married that next spring and I brought her back with me to IRF I. Someone sent me hours of VHS of the band (me in a couple) playing, we had a blast, we rocked the forest and almost got kicked out, as I recall! Made it back in 1999 (thanks to a botched radio contest where they were supposed to send us to New York City, when they couldn't do that I asked them to send us to BSB!) I know I have some pictures, don't know where they went....

      A new friend from Idaho came that year, 'Modemless Mark' (who still doesn't have a computer and amazingly I ran into him again at my first Neil Concert in years, October 1, 2017! I told the story about that so I won't repeat it here...)

      I remember one year David Lybrand furiously working at the laptop all night to do a livestream over a wired internet connection strung up from the Saratoga Springs office, something anyone can just do from their phone nowadays (I don't think he ever got it working).

      Then life happened and we were planning on bringing our children (now 12 and 16 years old) with us this year to IRF, BSB and to see the ocean (and a bunch of trains I grew up with) for the first time for our 20th anniversary....

      That was supposed to be a brief response, sorry, I have a tendency to ramble...

      Russell Courtenay
      Unknown1 - Idaho USA
      (with Champagne Eyes 👀 - she gives me the eye roll 🙄 every time I play that song!)

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      On Jun 18, 2017, at 8:18 PM, rewriterules@... [rust] <rust-noreply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I was part of the group of rusties who put together the very first IRF. In our early discussions, the entire point of the event was for rusties to meet rusties. We even considered having IRF in Florida! I don't remember who suggested having the fest in the Bay Area the same weekend as BSB, but we all agreed it was a great way to "kill two birds with one stone". We'd get to meet each other, we'd get to see Neil on stage, and we'd also have time to visit some significant "Neil sites" like Old Princeton Landing. 

      That first IRF was going to happen with or without a Neil show to attend. Lucky for us we had all those years of doing BOTH. I'm all for keeping the international  rusted family reunions happening for as long as there are family members...

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