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  • andreumland
    Dear colleague, I just introduced the new Russian Nationalism Listserv (RNL): A Monthly Newsletter of Opportunities and Events. This monthly mailing will
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2008
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      Dear colleague,

      I just introduced the new "Russian Nationalism Listserv (RNL): A
      Monthly Newsletter of Opportunities and Events." This monthly mailing
      will list Calls for Papers, Conferences, Funding Opportunities, Jobs
      and other items important to our interests and professional life which
      I earlier sent on a daily basis. The first issue of RNL can serve as a
      model, and is saved in the Messages archive of your homepage.

      I would like to ask those of you who support this project and have a
      bit of time whether you might consider becoming the compiler, or
      one of the compilers of this new monthly newsletter.

      The "job" would look the following way and, as you will see, not cost
      you much time:

      You would collect around 10-30 relevant items with information on
      CfPs, conferences, jobs, scholarships and other relevant events from
      other newsletters, websites, and possible further sources, and prepare
      them every four weeks once for transmission to our group members.

      The latter would imply
      - creating a Word document and pasting the news items into it,
      - putting the items in some logical (thematic, chronological) order,
      - formating the information items so that they are convenient to read,
      - creating a list of contents using the model of RNL 1:1.

      After you have sent me your prepared list, I might do some final
      editing before forwarding the RNL issue to the group members. In case,
      you need information on where to get information that can be listed in
      RNL, I will send you such possible sources which are usually freely

      This job should not take more than an hour or couple of hours, at
      most, per month of your precious time.

      If you participate in this work, you would be mentioned in the heading
      of each RNL issue under "Compilers." If you would have use for a
      document confirming your engagment in this project, I can issue an
      informal certificate (on university letter head) on your work for RNL.
      Unfortunately, that is all that I can offer. The project has so far,
      and, presumably, will remain pro bono, for the foreseeable future.

      I still hope that one or more of you might consider joining Scott
      Littlefield, Philip Casula, Anton Shekhovtsov and me in further
      devloping our group's site and mailinglist. I shall be grateful for
      any expressions of interest!

      With kind regards,
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