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CfP: Ukrainian Right-Wing Extremism, FES Kyiv 9/2013 (15.3.)

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  • Andreas Umland
    Call for Papers on Right-Wing Extremism in Ukraine Dear Colleagues: You are invited to submit your research papers for possible inclusion in a special issue of
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      Call for Papers on Right-Wing Extremism in Ukraine

      Dear Colleagues:
      You are invited to submit your research papers for possible inclusion in a special issue of Right-Wing Extremism of Friedrich-Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and East European Development Institute. Friedrich-Ebert Foundation is dedicated to young researches in the social sciences and also welcomes survey and review papers from the experts. The selected papers will be presented during the workshop, organized by FES Ukraine and EEDI on September, 2013 and published on the FES webpage.


      It is very difficult to imagine a democratic state and society, where cultural diversity is perceived through xenophobia and racism. Yet, running on nationalist and often racist platforms, far right parties have gone from the streets into government, enjoying renewed popularity on local and national levels throughout Europe. They propagate a political system in which the state and the people amalgamate to form a unity. Actually, this results in an anti-pluralistic system, leaving no room for democratic decision-making procedures. Is extremism a real threat for Ukraine? Unfortunately, it is. The far-right today has entered the national parliament and has significant seats in a few local councils. Although today there are no reasons to think that far-rights will be able to seriously influence decision making on topical state priorities of Ukraine, yet it poses serious problems, including domestic and international security issues. As the researches demonstrate, 10% of the Ukrainian population approves violence over the representatives of some races and nationalities; around 17% of respondents have extremist attitudes. The far right promotes the political polarization of Ukrainian society. It also may contribute to destabilization of political system in the country and threaten the fragile balance of power between Ukrainian parties.  Being negative towards European integration, and in particular its loathing of policies such as a healthy immigration and integration policy aimed at furthering the country’s rapprochement with the EU may also hinder this process to the disadvantage of EU-Ukraine cooperation. 
      The question is how to prevent these phenomena by promoting cultural diversity, respect to other nationalities and dialogue between different cultures at the same time? Topics of interest for this issue include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
      ·    Right-wing extremism in Ukraine: Historic roots and modern modifications
      ·    Impact of right-wing extremism on domestic politics in Ukraine 
      ·    Impact of Right wing Extremism on Ukraine’s foreign policy and international image 
      ·    Youth sub culture and right wing extremism
      ·    Civil Society Alternatives to Prevent Intolerance
      ·    Right-wing Extremism and Hate Speech: Implications for the media 

      You will need to indicate your intention (letter of intent – containing the title of the paper, an abstract in not more than 400 words, a tentative structure of the proposed paper and name of the author) by e-mail.  Only one submission is allowed from one author for any one of the above topics. The language of submission is English.   Your proposal will be reviewed and in case of its acceptance, you will be invited to submit your full paper by email. Authoring guidelines will be mailed to you in case your letter of intent is accepted. The full manuscript shall not exceed 10 pages (1 page is 2000 symbols) and should be emailed in the PDF format to info@... according to the deadline indicated below.  If you have any questions regarding the contest, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

      Deadline for Submission of Letter of Intent:        March 15, 2013    
      Notification of acceptance of the Letter of Intent:    April 5, 2013    
      Deadline for Submission of Entries:             Up to July 3, 2013    
      Evaluation of the contest entries:                 Up to July 30, 2013    
      Notification of finalization of the paper:         August 10, 2013    
      Workshop and Presentation of the Collected papers:   September 10, 2013              

      Tel.: +380-44-234 00 38  Fax: +380-44-451 40 31         
      E-mail mail@...

      [Disclaimer from Andreas Umland: I am neither the initiator or organizer of, nor an editor or contributor for, this project.]
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