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CfA: PhD on Russia's Neighbors, Uppsala 1.3.13

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  • Andreas Umland
    Ph.D. student position in Political Science at the Department of Government, sited at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies. Application no later
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      Ph.D. student position in Political Science at the Department of Government, sited at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies.

      Application no later than 2013-03-01. UFV-PA 2013/110
      Starting date 2013-09-02

      Applications shall be filed online at the web address http://www.uu.se/jobb/phd-students/annonsvisning?languageId=1&tarContentId=228389 .

      PhD. Student will be employed bythe Uppsala Centre for Russian and
      Eurasian Studies (UCRS), and the work with the thesis will be part of
      the theme Russia's neighbouring countries. Experience of field work in
      the region, and knowledge of one of the region's languages ​​is
      desirable. General information about UCRS and the research themeRussia's
      neighbouring countries can be obtained on http://www.ucrs.uu.se/Research/Research+Themes/?languageId=1%c2%a0and about political science at on http://www.statsvet.uu.se/Start/tabid/5008/language/en-US/Default.aspx. Or contact Director Claes Levinsson (claes.levinsson@...)

      awarded a position as a Ph.D. student shall above all engage themselves
      with their own doctoral education. A maximum of 20% of the position may
      involve other administrative and educational responsibilities at the

      Employment as a post-graduate student requires that
      the student is or will be accepted to a program of post-graduate
      education, which is decided by one’s ability to successfully complete
      the program of studies. Departmental policy is that students receive
      financial support during their first year of post-graduate studies, and
      that they be employed as Ph.D. students during the final three years of
      their program. Regulations concerning post-graduate students are to be
      found in the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 5, §§1-7, and in the
      University’s rules and guidelines. The latter may be found at http://regler.uu.se/.

      concerning applications, acceptance guidelines, and other related
      matters may be obtained either at the Department’s homepage, www.statsvet.uu.se, or by contacting the Director of PhD-Studies, PerOla Öberg, at perola.oberg@....

      The application shall include:
      - A completed application form for post-graduate studies.
      A brief cover letter (two pages maximum) that describes the documents
      submitted, particularly the scholarly essays and articles. If two
      essays/articles are submitted, single out one of them to which the
      Committee is to give priority in the evaluation.
      - Authorized copies
      of academic documents, such as course records, diplomas, and
      certificates, which demonstrate general or special eligibility for
      post-graduate studies in political science.
      - A maximum of two
      scholarly essays or articles, including undergraduate and Master’s level
      essays, published articles, as well as research reports and other
      written materials that are pertinent to the position.
      - Certification
      of competence in Swedish for applicants without a degree from a Swedish
      university and/or a statement of intent to acquire such competence
      within a suitable period of time (see detailed information at the link

      The application form for post-graduate studies is
      available at the address below, along with detailed instructions for
      completing the application. Through reference to the general syllabus
      for graduate studies (in Swedish only) or the link below, the applicant
      shall determine whether s/he meets the requirements for general or
      special eligibility for studies in the field of political science at the
      post-graduate level.

      For further information about these positions, please contact PerOla Öberg, Director of Studies, at perola.oberg@.... The trade union representatives are Anders Grundström, Saco-rådet
      (Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations) tel. +4618-471
      5380; Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST (Swedish Confederation of Professional
      Employees), tel. +4618-471 1996; and Stefan Djurström, Seko (the Union
      of Service and Communication Employees, tel. +4618-471 3315.

      You are welcome with your application no later than March 1, 2013 UFV-PA 2013/110. Use the link below to access the application form Ph.D. student position in Political Science

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