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CfP: Political Science in Eastern Europe, Chernivtsi 1.3.13 (10.2.)

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  • Andreas Umland
    The Department of Political Science and Public Administration The College of History, Political Science and International Relations and The Research Institute
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2013
      The Department of Political Science and Public Administration
      The College of History, Political Science and International Relations and
      The Research Institute of European Integration and Regional Studies
      of the Yury Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

      invite to take part in the  III International Scientific Conference of young political scientists

      “The Development of Political Science: European Practices and National Perspectives”

      The Conference is to be held on March 1, 2013by the Department of Political Science and
      Public Administration of Yury Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University (Chernivtsi, Ukraine).

      The conference goalis to discuss the key problems of Political Science development in a contest of European records
      and experience.
      The main objectives of the conference are:
      -          to identify the key areas of contemporary Political Science researches agenda in the world
      and to discuss their results;
      -          to systemize Political Science achievements in Ukraine and neighbour countries;
      -          to define the prospects of Political Science development in the Eastern Europe;
      -          to improve professional communications between young scientists from Ukraine and all of
      Eastern Europe countries.

      Within the conference it is planned to organize the following roundtable discussions:
      “Parliamentary Elections – 2012 in Ukraine as a Springboard for the Forthcoming
      Presidential Elections” and “European Integration: Crisis and Opportunities of
      their Overcoming”.
      The conference official languagesare Ukrainian, Russian and English.

      The collection of conference materials will be published before the conference
      The Registration fee(is paid per post) is UAH 100.

      The conference consists of the following sections:
      1-st section:  Theory and History of Political
      Science: Evolution of Methodological Paradigms and Formation of New Concepts.
      2-nd section: Conceptualizing Contemporaneous Political Institutions and Processes.
      3-d section: Localization – Regionalization – Globalization in the Modern World.
      4-th section: Political Communication: Major Trends of Dynamics and Evolution.

      in the conference:
      1.     The Application should be submitted until February 10, 2013 by the e-mail
      and must contain the following information: participant’s name and surname, the
      place of studying (working),the topic of presentation, supervisor’s data (academic rank, scientific degree, name and
      initials), preferable Section to take part in.
      2.     The paper should be submitted to the Organizing Committee by e-mail to ChNU@... till February 10, 2013 and followed up with a scanned copy signed by academic supervisor (for graduate and postgraduate students only).
      3.     The registration fee should also be paid till February 10, 2013 and must be approved bya scanned copy of the bank receipt sent to
      the e-mail mentioned above.

      Please, note that papers which are not in compliance with all requirements and submitted
      after deadline will not be considered.
      All travel expenses (tickets, meals, per diems, etc.) are covered by participants
      themselves or by the organization which he (she) represents. In case if you
      need accommodation, please notify the Organizing Committee in advance.
      The registration fee in the amount of UAH 100 should be paid simultaneously with
      the paper submission. Costs of registration fees will be aimed to publishing
      the conference materials.
       Please, send your fee to one of the following
      Natalia Triska, 172/89 Chervonoarmiiska Str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58000;
      Andrii Kuchuran, 9/9 Holovna Str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58000;
      Denys Shcherban, 172/89 Chervonoarmiiska Str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58000.

      Specifications for Scientific Papers:
      1. Papers should be submitted in .doc format and done by means of Microsoft Word 2003-2010.
      2. Paper should not exceed 2 pages.
      3. Text should be typed by Times New Roman, font size – 12 with 1.0 spacing; top, bottom, left and right boxes – 2 cm;

      4. Papers should have the following structure:
      - Name and surname (in the upper right corner) - (bold italic, 12 pt, Times New Roman font), below indicate the Academic
      Supervisor, his (her) academic title, academic degree, initials and last name, then below specify the full name of the institution - (12 pt, font Times New Roman).
      -In a line - Title (centered, bold font, size 14 pt); in a line, without hyphenation the main text of the article: Times New Roman font, size 12 pt; line spacing - 1.0, paragraph - 1.25; references in square brackets indicating serial number of the source and page, for example[1, p.17].
      -At the end of the text indicate the list of used sources in alphabetical order (up to 4 positions) –italic, 12 pt, font Times New Roman, each position forms the new line – size 11 pt, Times New Roman.

      Example of papers’ structure:

      Volodymyr Prysmak(12 pt, bold italic)
      Supervisor – Dr. of Political Science, Prof. Ignatuk V.I.
      Yury Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University
      (12 pt.) (1,5 spacing)

      Formation of Political Science in Ukraine (14 pt, bold)
      (1 free line)
      The text of the paper (12pt, font Times New Roman) (1.0 spacing)
      The list of sources used:(12 pt, italic)
      1. Veymer D. Policy Analysis. Concepts and Practice / D.Veymer, E.Vanhinh. – K.: Fundamentals, 1998. - 360 p. (size 11pt, font Times New Roman).

      If you have any questions, please, contact the Organizing Committee:

      Volodymyr Palagniuk (+380951199977), Natalia Yanovska (+380966782281), Olga Hryshyn-Hryshuk (+380982521074), Natalia Triska (+380501098910).

      Executive Academic Secretary:
      Prof. Natalia Rotar (+380506033716, nrotar@...).


      The title of the article (abstract)  
      Section of Conference  
      Do you plan to visit the Conference personally?  
      Scientific degree  
      Academic title   
      Organization’s name   
      Postal address of the author  
      Contact phone  
      Academic interests (in brief)  

      All fields of the application are required to fill them in! In order to eliminate any misunderstandings about the transliteration of names and surnames, as well as the submission of names of organizations in English, we kindly ask you to fill in the appropriate fields. (Please, send your files by e-mail, signing them up in Latin, for instance: Janovska_Zayavka, Janovska _Tezy, Janovska_Vnesoк).                   
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