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CfA: RusNat Bulletin Co-Editor sought!

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  • Andreas Umland
    Dear subscribers of the Russian Nationalism Bulletin (RNB), I would like to ask whether you might be interested, and have the time and energy, to co-edit
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2012
      Dear subscribers of the "Russian Nationalism Bulletin" (RNB),

      I would like to ask whether you might be interested, and have the time and energy, to co-edit with me RNB, for at least two years.

      Dr. Scott Littlefield with whom I have been working together so-far editing RNB will soon have to finish his editorship. We would very much like the Bulletin to continue appearing - especially since Russian nationalism's salience seems to by rising by the month.

      You and me would be sharing compiling the RNB every two weeks. It is a fairly technical, routine kind of job. Scott and me did this the following way: Scott screened a number of mailinglists and websites. He copied relevant news items and features, and pre-formatted them for the listing in RNB. He then sent these pre-formatted items in a Word document to me. I usually insert a few additional features from other sources, ad the final section (either ANNOTATIONS OF RECENT PUBLICATIONS or PRIMARY SOURCES), and do the final formatting. Then I send it to the RNB subscribers.

      It would be important that you will have the interest, energy and time to do the work for at least two years - every two weeks. There never was and is no money for any of this work. It is purely pro bono. But your name would be listed in every RNB issue as co-editor.

      We very much hope that one or two of you might consider doing this job. At the same time, I would like you to think hard whether you really want and will be able to do this work twice per month for, at least, two years.

      With kind regards,
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