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How does our group work?

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  • andreumland
    Dear colleague, welcome to the new web research group „Russian Nationalism ! If you do not want to receive further messages, please, send an e-mail to me,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20 1:59 PM
      Dear colleague,

      welcome to the new web research group „Russian Nationalism"! If you do
      not want to receive further messages, please, send an e-mail to me,
      or, better, send an empty message to
      russian_nationalism-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com which will
      automatically unsubscribe your address from the list.

      The main instrument of our scholarly exchange will be the „Links"
      function of our website located in the left column of our site's home
      page. You can access this function by registering at Yahoo.com and
      going directly to
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/russian_nationalism/links or clicking on
      „Links" at the home page of our site. Unfortunately, there is no way
      around creating a Yahoo-Account of your own, if you want to have
      access to the „Links" and other functions of our web site.

      There are now over 150 links to relevant papers, bibliographies,
      books, primary sources and other material available on the WWW.
      Altogether, the various resources to which these links will lead you
      list hundreds of various texts related, in one way or another, to
      Russian nationalism.

      At the end of this message, there is the list of current folders
      within which the various links are located. However, the current links
      list is only the start! I hope that you will actively add new links in
      the appropriate folders by way of opening the relevant folder and
      clicking „Add Link". Then follow the instructions and the format of
      the previous listings which is the following:
      [First Line:]
      author's family name/second author's family name SHORT TITLE OF THE
      BOOK/PAPER IN ENGLISH [no more than five words] (add: .pdf or .wrd if
      it is a PDF or WORD file)

      [Second Line:]
      [in the case of a paper:] full names of all authors, „Title of the
      Article Fully Transcribed into Latin Letters: Subtitle of the
      Article," Title of the Journal, vol. ..., no. ... (Year): starting
      page-ending page

      [in the case of a book:] full name of the author, Title of the Book
      Fully Transcribed into Latin Letters: Subtitle of the Book (Place of
      Publication: Publisher, Year).

      [Third Line:]
      full WWW site of the resource

      Here are examples for how an article or a book should be presented:

      A r t i c l e:
      Lev Gudkov and Boris Dubin, "Svoeobrazie russkogo natsionalizma," Pro
      et Contra, vol. 9, no. 2 (2005): 6-24.

      B o o k:
      Valeriia Akhmet'eva, Iazyk vrazhdy na regional'nykh vyborakh: Zima
      2006-2007 gg. (Moskva: Tsentr "Sova", 2007).

      Please, feel free to add relevant links as you see fit. I am not our
      site's „nachal'nik" to give out permissions. Nor will I play the role
      of your personal secretary and make additions on your behalf. There
      have been already complaints that the site currently reflects my own
      research interests. I would like that to change!

      I will only MODERATE the site and mailinglist. This means that I might
      move contributions from one folder to another. For instance, if you
      are a Russian patriot adding the link to a theory of why Russia should
      dominate some other people, I might move your contribution from the
      folder „Theorizing Russian Nationalism" to the folder „Programs,
      Interviews and Other Primary Sources". I will, usually, not delete any
      relevant contributions. I will only delete additions that have no
      relation to Russian nationalism. Thus, if you want to talk about
      Estonian nationalism, French neo-Nazism or American imperialism, you
      will have to create your own Yahoo Group for that.

      The Mailinglist itself will only play a secondary role for our group
      as I want to avoid that you get too many mailings from „Russian
      Nationalism" in your Inbox. As mentioned before, this group was not
      conceived to become a discussion group. Via the Mailinglist, I will
      only forward Calls for Papers, Conference Announcements, Annotations
      on New Books, or similar topical information that is urgent or/and not
      suitable for the „Links" list. If you have a topical, original and
      scholarly text (paper, comment, note), or a review of a brand new book
      that has not been published elsewhere I might also forward such a text
      to the group members. However, in general, I will play, in the
      interest of all group members, the role of „filterer" of messages to
      be distributed via the Mailinglist protecting you all from unnecessary
      intrusions into your Inbox. Your main field of action and
      participation should be the „Links" section!

      There is another important section on our website called „Files".
      Currently, this section contains around 50 scholarly papers related to
      Russian nationalism that are not freely available on the WWW. You can
      also add papers here. However, we have only 100 MB for his section of
      which we have used up already almost half. Therefore, the „Files"
      option should only be used in exceptional circumstances - namely, when
      you have an important paper on Russian nationalism that is NOT freely
      available on the WWW. (As our website is not freely accessible and has
      no commercial component, there should be no copyright problem with
      placing published papers here.)

      If you want to bring a text of your own to the attention of the group
      members, the best way will be to publish this text somewhere else (a
      web newspaper or web journal with free access) and then set a link to
      your web-based publication in the appropriate folder of the „Links"

      I hope you enjoy browsing through the various folders of the „Links"
      section and skimming through the list of papers in the „Files"
      section. Above all, I hope for your numerous contributions to the
      appropriate folders of the „Links" section (and also that you follow,
      as far as possible, the format of the presentation style outlined
      above, sparring me editorial work).

      You can all make a contribution so that, in a couple of months,
      „Russian Nationalism" will become THE international information
      resource and forum of scholarly exchange on this subject!

      Here is a request from Grover Furr, a member of our goup, that he
      asked me to forward to you. Please, answer to the question directly to

      From: "Grover Furr, Fastmail" <furrg_nj @ fastmail. fm>
      Date: Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:23 pm
      Subject: Major writers and works considered to be "Russian Nationalist"

      I'd like to ask listmembers to send names and titles of books of
      writers who they believe fit into the category of "Russian Nationalists."

      For example, I've read a number of books and articles by IUrii Mukhin,
      prolific historical author who also edits the journal _Duel'_

      My guess is that he would be considered a "Russian Nationalist." True?
      If so, why?

      Whether he is or not, it'd be useful to have a list of authors,
      articles, books, newspapers, journals, and of course information about
      various political groups, with their web pages' URLs.

      Grover Furr
      Montclair State Universtiy

      Please, fell free to contact me at:


      Links List 1: Freely Accessible Webresources
      WWW sites of long-term research projects related to Russian nationalism.

      Links List 2: Bibliographies and Literature Lists
      Lists of relevant books, articles and primary sources on Russian

      Links List 3: Books and Book-Size Publications
      Links to the WWW presentations of books on Russian nationalism.

      Links List 4: Book Reviews and Review Articles
      Essays on significant new monographs and collected volumes on Russian

      Links List 5: Programs, Interviews and Other Primary Sources
      Statements by Russian political actors and ideologues.

      Links List 6: Relevant Publication Series
      Journals and book series with frequent contributions related to
      Russian nationalism.

      Papers List 1: Theorizing Russian Nationalism
      Various relevant theoretical and conceptual issues.

      Papers List 2: Pre-Revolutionary Nationalism
      Varieties of Russian nationalism before October 1917.

      Papers List 3: Russian Emigre Nationalism
      Varieties of Russian nationalism outside Russia.

      Papers List 4: Soviet Russian Nationalism
      Official and dissident Russian nationalism in the USSR.

      Papers List 5: Post-Soviet Nationalism
      Broad analyses or general interpretations of the post-Soviet Russian
      nationalist scene.

      Papers List 6: "Weimar Russia"
      Comparisons of inter-war Germany with the RF today.

      Papers List 7: Opinion Polling Data
      Surveys which asked questions in one way or another related to Russian

      Papers List 8: Federal, Regional and Local Elections
      Russian nationalists' behaviour and performance in elections in the RF.

      Papers List 9: Orthodox Russian Nationalism
      Movements focusing on the Russian Orthodox Church.

      Papers List 10: Geopolitics and Russia's Foreign Relations
      The role and nature of the geopolitical approach in Russia's IR debates.

      Papers List 11: "Neo-Eurasianism"
      Alexander Dugin's movement and related themes.

      Papers List 12: Rodina and Related Phenomena
      The pre-history, rise and fall of the "Rodina" bloc and its individual
      and collective members.

      Papers List 13: Neo-Nazi Trends in Today Russia
      The RNE and similar groups openly using symbols or/and ideas of the
      Third Reich.

      Papers List 14: Skinheads in Today Russia
      Groups and trends in the post-Soviet Skinhead movement.

      Papers List 15: Right-Wing Extremist Publicism
      The growing ultra-nationalist, conspirological, racist and similar
      Russian literature.
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