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Re: [runes-divination] Hi & thanks

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  • bob oswald
    Hi Rashne Thanks for the mention in your mail. I m glad to have been of service. Bob Oswald The Runemaker RASHNE DARUWALLA wrote:
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2003
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      Hi Rashne
      Thanks for the mention in your mail. I'm glad to have been of service.
      Bob Oswald
      The Runemaker



       RASHNE DARUWALLA <rashnedaruwalla@...> wrote:

      Hi Everyone,

      Since we are so quiet for the last few days, I am just penning a few lines
      about how I came to learn about the Runes.

      A few years back (3-4years), an article had appeared in our local magazine
      about the Runes. All the 24 Runes were is a circle. The article informed
      that one should close the eyes and select one and a two line bit about the
      Runes were written. I used to refer to it quite often and the reading of
      it was true in a way. That intrigued me. That article I had distributed to
      all my friends, but none were interested. Just later after a few months
      there was an exhibition about crystals and New Age theories and I went to
      purchase Tarot Cards but saw the Runes set and purchased it. Then I used
      to pick up a Rune and read from the small book that was given with it – it
      was locally made. I had never realized that there was so much to be read.
      I thought that there was only the reading of one Rune. I started searching
      the Net and found a lot. I never realized that there would be so many ways
      of casting and the reading to be done with many Runes surrounding the other.
      Then I joined the Rune School and read all the lessons. It was very
      interesting. But since I do not have any books full justice was not done –
      as here in Mumbai where I searched only Ralph Blum books are available and
      since it is not good I did not purchase it. And thanks to our
      Runes-divination Group I learnt a lot and also where to search for what and
      all my questions answered. Now I have asked one of my school friends settled
      in Houston, USA to send me some books and am waiting anxiously for them.

      Thanks Friends for all your help and it is a great privilege of mine to
      belong to this group. Thanks OS and Bob the Runemaker. I wonder if all
      your family members knew about the Runes and it is passed down through the

      Blessings to you all my Rune friends. God be with you.

      Ushta Te (May Happiness be with you).


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