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Re: Do you read Runes for others? Do you read Runes for yourself?

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  • shalerune8
    Thanks James.... But your a bit of a tease...you ended with, i have always had the same colored runes since i started. So what color are they? And thank for
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 3 6:13 AM
      Thanks James....

      But your a bit of a tease...you ended with, "i have always had the
      same colored runes since i started." So what color are they?

      And thank for sharing you experiences... I have notice that runes
      speak very directly (kind of cut to the quick..you might say) In both
      divination and magically... Magically they are an amazing source...

      I look foward to the day I can read them as they should be read
      divinationally...my head reels thinking about what the runes to tell.

      Thanks again,


      --- In runes-divination@yahoogroups.com, James Cootware
      <james_coot@...> wrote:
      > Shale,
      > I enjoy you undying curiousity;
      > Do i read for others?
      > Yes
      > Professionally?
      > I will probably never do that. This is my religion, and it
      doesn't feel right to me to peddle it out. I do not discourage others
      from this, it is just my own personally feeling about me doing it.
      > Privately for freinds and family?
      > Always
      > Have i read for myself?
      > I haven't in a long time. I used to frequently, but i got
      the "feeling" that i should be so reliant.
      > My Experience:
      > I have two. The first one was when i was on vacation one year and
      there was a freind on the trip who wanted me to do a reading for him.
      It was accurate, but unfortunatly due to the content of the reading,
      it made his personal life uncomfortable for him. That is another
      reason of why i won't do it professionally, there is such a thing as
      too much truth and some people don't deal with it well.
      > Another time i was casting for myself concerning my path in life.
      When i was concentrating on my question i had a vision. Nobody has to
      believe me, i am just relating what happened. It was like somebody
      had open a lock inside my head and hopped in. I was very new at this
      type of stuff back then and didn't know what had happened. It was a
      vision of one of the Norns, The Hag. She told me, "I See you." After
      that she laughed and then the vision ended. That caused me to run
      away from all of this type of stuff. Once your in, though, it is easy
      to get pulled back. A while later i was back to casting the runes.
      That is one of the main reasons i am very careful when it comes to
      the runes.
      > I don't know what you meant by color influencing a reading. To me
      a reading is a reading. Working the runes is another matter
      completely though. But as for reading them, i have always had the
      same colored runes since i started.
      > Hope this helps.
      > James
      > shalerune8 <ShaleRune@...> wrote:
      > These are two questions I've been dying to ask....
      > How many of you read runes for other? Professionally? Privately for
      > friends/family? What have been some of your experiences?
      > How many of you read for your selves?
      > I have read(not Professionally yet)runes for both myself and my
      > and have found them to be a most helpful and insightful. The
      > was very straight forward & too the point. Though at times I wish I
      > had a good second set of runes to elaborate on the details more.
      > in- Fehu placment in ICE-the thing holding me back...I see Fehu as
      > creative energy/destructive energy or money/fees- another rune may
      > more information...Othila-family home or Kenaz/Anuz-more
      > mental/communication thing...or LOL Ehwaz- a vehicle..)But that
      > be an issue of mine carried over from card reading...
      > But I'd like to hear your stories? How did the readings go? What
      > you notice about your reading that was different or interesting?
      > did you querent react? Noticed any interesting meaning for the rune
      > when reading for someone else or with just yourself? Does color
      > influence the runes readings? (just a random thought....)
      > LOL well I'm very sure that is enough questions for now!
      > Hope to hear from you all..
      > Shale
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    • Carl
      ... How did it break? How did you discover it was broken and which one was (is) it. If you dropped it and crushed it under a steam hammer by accident then
      Message 2 of 9 , Oct 8, 2006
        > Hi! my name is Laura,i was reading my e-mail and came across this
        > message,i also like the runes and have a question about them if u dont
        > mind,one of my runes broke,some tell me i can fix it and use it
        > ,others tell me to find another stone and redo the stone and not use
        > the broken one. do you have any insight on this for me? ide like to
        > use them again and but cant get the right imfo.
        > Sincerly,
        > Laura

        How did it break? How did you discover it was broken and which one
        was (is) it. If you dropped it and crushed it under a steam hammer by
        accident then fair enough but a powerful message like that might be
        trying to draw your attention to soemthing (and Im really nosey).
        Have a look at what is ahppeneing to you at the moment and look at
        what the broken rune might be saying is

        I wouldnt replace it myself. I would keep the broken one with the
        rest, and put them away in retirement. Then I would make/get a new
        set and store them in the same container as the 'old ones'. But thats
        just me :)

        I dont believe the runes themselves have anything 'in' them that you
        (one) hasnt put their yourself (onesself?). I use an internet site to
        do some of my readings and they work brillianttly (so long as I ignore
        the reading 'helpfully' supplied....) but another program I downloaded
        doest work for me at all. It annoys me when I use it yet its very
        well written. I dont do 'reversed' runes, but for some reason this
        program mirror images its runes and calls them reversed. How daft is
        that. Bugs me :)

        I have three sets of runes, two bought, one in a milky white crystal I
        saw in a shop (was drawn to it looking for womthing else entirely) in
        Barcelona and one bought with a book (yep... it has a blank
        one...actually they both do...but I happen to think that 'silence' is
        powerful too...) and one I made from a branch 'given' to me (it blew
        down) from a tree (type?) in the grounds of a now closed psychiatric
        asylum. The runes themselves are so light you can almost not feel them :)

        And I bnought a set of wooden ice-lolly sticks and made a set for a
        friend with a red marker pen. Turns out they draw a rune every day -
        how sweet of them is that :)

        Carl N Wales
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