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Re: [runes-divination] questions and thoughts

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  • sage5236
    HI Jeannie, What you are saying about the Norse being stuck in the past can be said of many religions for example: the christians pray to a god from 2000plus
    Message 1 of 52 , Nov 29, 2004
      HI Jeannie,
      What you are saying about the Norse being "stuck" in the past can be said of many religions for example: the christians pray to a god from 2000plus years ago, the Jewish religion prays to a god farther back then that.
      I feel that religion is the reminder of the path, but each person's spiritual path is their own, individual, and we must walk it alone with the Divine. The stories of the Norse I don't take literally just as many christians don't believe the whole world came from two people. I read these stories and relate them to my own spiritual path. For instance: Many of the stories of Thorr are about him fighting giants and he wins because of the courage within himself to face those giants. Those giants to me are my fears, problems with trust, those things that keep me from growing. Thorr has shown me the strength that I have deep within myself to face those fears whether they be in the mundane world or spirit world. I invoke his energies, his facet of the Divine, and reach that strength, that resolve. Freyja's energies empower me as a witch, she just helps me feel good about being a witch, a teacher.
      To me, learning this history is important to know something of the culture and the pantheon that I feel drawn to. Their stories teach me on different levels. I feel they are more like allegories not to be taken literal but as riddles, teaching the wisdom and lessons of the spiritual path. To me, none of the pantheons, religions are dead because if you really read about them they teach the same type of wisdom. Kin of gods, to me means that we are all one in the One Divine. These gods/goddesses are facets of the whole,including us as we are one in the Divine. Ragnarock is the war within myself, the light and the shadows. Yes, the gods die because someday we will know the One as we move from this 3-D world and the gods/goddesses will meld into that One. Our war will be over as we meld the light and the dark.
      Personally, I don't think any of us are truly right or wrong and find the fighting between pagans as well as other religions to be quite petty, a diversion and waste of energy that could be used in a much more productive way. No religion has the "end all" on the Divine. It is a way of trying to understand that which can not be fully understood but is that which we all strive to understand deep in our spirits. It can be quite frustrating and yet exciting as our spirits leap in joy when we learn a wisdom and get one step closer in knowing the One. We ask a question, search, get the answer which opens up to more questions.
      In a 3-D world, we can not understand the Divine that dwells in an infinite dimensional world. Hence, the creation of gods/goddesses, stories that try to deal with the human condition and hidden within those stories is the wisdom we search for.
      For me, I feel that we are all blind people touching the elephant. No one is right and no one is wrong. I want to be the one that walks around to each person and asks them what they think. Perhaps someday, I might glimpse the whole. For me, that is what the witch does. Just some of my thoughts. BB Sage
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      From: Jeannine Arnold
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      Subject: [runes-divination] questions and thoughts

      Hello all,

      This is for all on the list. I am not a scholar as some on this list are. I have not read all of the old text either. I am working though that currently.

      What is the point of all the scholarly research if all it is going to be is a no you are wrong this is the way it is, no according to such and such it is this way? It is good to read what is out there, and to learn. But why do that if you stay in the past?

      My spirituality is now, in 2004 not way back when. I don't live there at current, could have in a past life, but I don't remember so I make no claims to it. The old stuff is good for a starting point, but what about in todays time? How is it useful? We have changed as a people and society. The 9 Nobel virtues as good today as they were back then, but what of the rest of the stuff.

      I see authors trying to argue that their point is the right way, with claims of Odin told them so. Yeah right.

      Why is the Norse religion stuck in the past, and not moving into the present a future?

      Ragnarok, may have already happened. The old gods did die to the people when Christianity happened. The writing kept by the children of the Gods is being brought up now. I say this because in Norse myths we are the kin of the Gods, as they are our kin.

      It seems from what I have seen, which is not everything, mind you that a lot of people are stuck in the past with this religion. This is they way it was then to our best information from what is left of the written and dug up things. So now that we know that how does it apply to us now? Is this just a dead religion that left to study if in the past, or it is something we can use now?

      How can Sif, Thor, Freyja, and Frey's meanings and what we know of them be applied in our current time, to have a living religion with them, currently?

      These are some of the questions and thoughts that go though my mind often, and that I am trying to find the answers to within my self. I have seen and been lead to lots of very good and very researched information on the past as we know of it currently. I have figured out that to make it current for me it is up to me.

      Now am I the only one who thinks and asks these types of questions? Is learning just for the sake of learning and not able to apply it in our current daily lives? I love to learn, but I want to learn about things I can use today, in my current time and life.

      OK there are some of my thoughts and questions. No need for anyone to answer them, I will find the answers myself, but if someone wants to put in there two cents I would not object either.

      I am aware that my spirituality is my journey, and no one Else's. How I learn is how I learn. I do find it helpful to talk to others because they can show me a direction I have not looked from before. I can then take it from there, and I will.


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    • Kathyrn Schakel
      I m pretty convinced we could all do a solid reading (or casting) using whatever tools we find lying abou the place, regardless of colour, material or origin.
      Message 52 of 52 , Jan 4, 2005
        I'm pretty convinced we could all do a solid reading (or casting) using whatever tools we find lying abou the place, regardless of colour, material or origin.

        I have to agree with you there. I doubt our ancestors did much more than use what was to hand.

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