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Intro from yet another new member

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  • Thomas Sonandres
    Hi! Have a brief, all-encompassing intro in this first email to the group. The accumulation of many years of dabbling in the runes exploded last month when I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004

      Have a "brief," all-encompassing intro in this first
      email to the group.

      The accumulation of many years of dabbling in the
      runes exploded last month when I was asked to bone up
      on rune divination, and, the following day, set up a
      rune table at a psychic fair. That night Blum told me
      �NO WAY!,� not in a casting but in a crash
      reviewing/mastering of his book

      Not that Blum, for me, is a sinner. My Blum-casts
      served -- past tense -- me personally and a few
      friends VERY well. But no saint is he either, a
      conclusion reached absolutely without ANY knowledge of
      the world beyond THE BOOK OF RUNES and me. I long had
      misgivings. They, and a crushing sense that much was
      missing during above review night, (a) took me out of
      the fair, but (b) sparked me to learn the rest of the
      rune story. �Sir� Ralph had introduced me to the
      runes twenty years ago, and, until late last month,
      was my sole reference. Now, into four other rune
      books, the Intro-02 Course of the Runes School, etc.,
      Blum has moved from THE to A reference.

      Why join our group? Its tolerant philosophy, and
      promise of knowledge supplementing other sources.

      Where am I today rune-wise? A beginning student of
      rune divination, on data overwhelm -- 160 Norse
      mythology notebook refs and counting, but keeping atop
      because of trust in (a) the advice, as best recalled,
      �Trust. Use what works. Discard the rest even though
      I said it" -- The Buddha, and (b) humor. Speaking of
      which, I see B.King (WAY OF THE RUNES) lambastes at
      least MOST psychic fair readers whereas academic
      scholar R.I Page (READING THE PAST RUNES)more
      inclusively denounces ALL rune divination as

      My faith? A no-name religion of beliefs connecting me
      with Universal Laws and the All-That-Is, respecting
      others� connections/non-connections via and to
      whomever or whatever as they choose, and resonating
      with such as the religion of the Dalai Lama
      (�kindness�) and elements of The Force of George
      Lucas, a Power that can be called upon.

      Are runes a part of my faith? They and dreams are
      among my preferred diving boards, springing boards, to
      greater understanding.

      Do I use reverse readings?

      --- The long answer: Absolutely, but, like upright
      readings, NOT in any dual world, good-bad sense, but
      in context, in the context of the question asked, the
      moment, neighboring runes, insights� I also do dream
      intuiting. Our friend the �snake� has several dozen
      dream meanings listed hither and yon, countless more
      with time and imagination and herpetological and other
      research, BUT the context (e.g., the dream mood, the
      dreamer�s snake experience/feelings) provide the best
      springboard, clues, meanings. Or so I think.

      -- The short answer: I am a work still in progress.

      My set of runes? Blum�s for the moment, this month
      without the blank.

      Particularly layouts? The single rune most always,
      sometimes three, and very, very occasionally I tap
      into a spreads list now approaching thirty.

      Books? Another day AFTER I have read a dozen.

      Specific interest today? I second the motion on the
      question in a recent email: �So what sources/books
      have you used to determine your methods and
      meanings? And, I piggy-back on this with another
      proposal for applied-runeology.

      I propose that our talented group occasionally (i.e.,
      Cast of the month?) do and comment on an ACTUAL
      reading. One way would be for someone to present at
      the beginning of the month (1) an actual, meaningful
      cast of note, maybe of not more than three runes, and
      and provide essential background (e.g., the spread,
      the question, the time/date?, the set of runes
      employed, any BRIEF appropriate relevant background on
      the questioner, question, possibly the reader?) and
      (2) either (a) include her/his reading next to the
      cast, or (b) send that reading at month's end after
      comments are in, whichever would be most helpful. If
      there is merit in this request, if it would I would
      hope others would improve it, for example, to
      minimizing <flaming>, maximizing sharing techniques,
      insights, though processes...



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