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Hello out there.

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  • Shelley Eberlein
    It s been a beautiful summer hasn t it? It s been very quiet on here. I completely finished my star rug, although really it s the size of a table topper. I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2000
      It's been a beautiful summer hasn't it? It's been very quiet on here.
      I completely finished my star rug, although really it's the size of a
      table topper. I am going to enter it in the Fair tomorrow. This is
      the first time I have ever done anything like this, it's pretty
      exciting. I found a neat rug at a garage sale for $10. It's 40 x 64
      and the middle flower part and some of the background is hooked, I
      think I am going to leave it like it is and just try and hook some
      wool into spots that have poly or other material than wool in it.
      It's a pretty rug. It's called Busy Hour and the name on it is Molter
      Co. So that will be fun, I am going to take it to the Guild here on
      thursday and see what they think.

      I purchased a pattern from a friend who is starting her own business.
      She has incredible primitive patterns. I am really excited to get it
      started. Tomorrow her, myself and another friend are going to hook

      I don't know if anyone remember's that I was starting the Flower
      Applique rug that I saw in Rug Hooking Mag. and fell in love with. I
      was hoping to have it done for the Fair but it didn't work out. I am
      almost finished though and am still in love with it. I could have it
      done by this weekend, but the goal is set for the end of Aug. That
      way if I lose any steam I'll still have time.

      Well enough about me, how are the projects going? Or your summer's?
      Any inspiring idea's from gardens? I'd love to hear from you all and
      know what you are working on. Has anyone checked out the site on
      yahoo. You can get there through Yahoo and go to clubs. It's under
      the same name, rug hooking friends. I haven't had time to check and
      start moving people over, I don't want to close this out until I know
      that everyone has made it to the other board. Let me know what you

      Happy Hooking. Shelley
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