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Amy Rispin and Pat Reilly on Southern Maryland Amish Quilts

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  • R. John Howe
    Dear folks - As you know from experience, we publish sporadically, whenever something is ready. Sometimes it, necessarily, takes a little time. Way back in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2011

      Dear folks –

      As you know from experience, we publish sporadically, whenever something is ready.  Sometimes it, necessarily, takes a little time.


      Way back in 2009, The Textile Museum had an exhibition on Amish quilts.  Two active members of the Washington, D.C. textile community, Amy Rispin and Pat Reilly, who collect quilts themselves, were inspired to design, produce and conduct a Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning program, complementing that exhibition, based on their personal experiences as quilt collectors, but more particularly, on their acquaintance and dealings with a particular Amish quilter in southern Maryland.


      They obtained this lady’s agreement to let them visit, take photographs, and to make her home, shop and quilting business the focus of their Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning.


      Now, as it happened, I was out of town when their session was given and they mildly complained to me after about my absence.  I pointed out that the situation was entirely retrievable, if they had the photographs and were willing to work with me to build a virtual version of their program.  They agreed, and we began work.


      It has taken a little time, and an additional trip or two to southernMaryland , but, we have a virtual version of their program that they are ready to have me share and that is what this email announces.


      You can reach this post by clicking on the link immediately below or by copying the link and pasting it into your browser.


      You can also simply do a computer search for “Textiles and Text R. John Howe”.

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      I hope you will enjoy this virtual version of an imaginative RTAM.



      R. John Howe


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