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Mae Festa Collection: A Textile Museum RTAM Program

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    Dear folks – This email announces the post of a virtual version of a recent Textile Museum “Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning” program that featured
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2010
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      Dear folks –

      This email announces the post of a virtual version of a recent Textile Museum “Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning” program that featured the collection of Mae Festa. Mae has assembled a collection that includes some remarkable material and she is very knowledgeable about it. But she is a modest, shy person who confesses to not being a comfortable public speaker.

      So the program being announced here was produced in an unusual way. Wendel Swan traveled to New Haven to visit with Mae and her husband Gene. He photographed many of the pieces in Mae’s collection, interviewed Mae about them, and, ultimately, fashioned a PowerPoint presentation, in which he conveyed her thoughts about them.

      Mae and Gene traveled to Washington, bringing a number of the pieces in Mae’s collection they had agreed to treat in this RTAM program. With Mae and this material in the room, Wendel gave the PowerPoint presentation.

      The images you will see here were subsequently used in a presentation to the New England Rug Society with commentary by Jeff Spurr.

      Mae has been collecting for a long time, and although many of us had seen glimpses of particular pieces in her collection, this session was the first time that a comprehensive treatment of it has been made available outside her New Haven home.

      Our thanks to Mae for sharing her collection with us, to her husband Gene for a variety of supporting actions, including precise organizing and safe transporting of the materials to and from Washington, and to Wendel for his sterling work in bringing this program to fruition.

      You can reach this post by clicking on the link immediately below or by copying the link and pasting it into your browser.


      You can also simply do a computer search for “Textiles and Text R. John Howe”.

      All of these methods take you to an “about” page on my blog. The post being announced is the first in red in the column on the right.

      There are, again, a large number of images in the lecture post, so you may have to be a bit patient while it loads. (Some readers report that images sometimes do not come up automatically, but instead a blank rectangle with a small box containing a “red X” appears. If you encounter that, try putting your cursor on the red X, then, right click. A drop down menu should appear with a “Show image” alternative. Click that and the image should come up. You may have to do this individually for each image that doesn’t appear automatically. We are not sure, but one theory about why this happens suggests that the computer on which images does not come up automatically may lack adequate memory for handling the long, demanding sort of documents that my posts often are.)

      You are receiving this email because you are on one of my lists of “ruggies.” Because there is some unavoidable overlap, you may receive more than one of these announcing emails. If you do, please just use your delete key. If you would prefer not to receive future announcements about such posts, please contact me at rjhowe@... and I will remove your name from my listings.

      I do not permit direct comments in this blog, and do not particularly encourage any, but if you have something that you feel is useful to share, you can send it to me at the email address above, with your permission to quote you should I decide to publish it.

      I hope you enjoy this comprehensive look at Mae Festa’s collection.


      R. John Howe
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