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Re: [rug-fanatics] what recourse do you have when a Turkish rug is not what is promised?

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  • tahir ali
    hi Mr Brian u r 100% right no dout i think thats not a story bye best wishes for all Brian Marantette wrote: Hello, Sorry to hear about
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1 12:57 AM
      Mr Brian u r 100% right no dout
      i think thats not a story
      bye best wishes for all

      Brian Marantette <bem212959@...> wrote:
      Sorry to hear about your episode in Istanbul, please know, that you are not the first, and
      not the last.
      I currently did an appraisal for a client that purchased a Pakistan  rug in Turkey, she was told it was in fact a Turkish carpet, and had a letter of authenticity to prove it. She fortunately paid with a card, and was able to get the card co. to reverse the charges...the dealer there sent her a letter thanking her for being unhappy...go figure.
      The rug has been shipped back. The moral of the story is  " pay with a card ", these dealers need to keep a positive profile with the banking industry.  If you paid with a card, you will be able to get it reversed...any kind of fraudulent situation. If you paid with cash....enjoy your rug,.... life's to short to worry about a few dollars.

      fainaandmark <fainaandmark@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      On a trip to Istanbul, we set aside some cash to purchase an authentic
      turkish rug. We were led from the Blue Mosque to an nice
      establishment called Tugra. Well lit, clean, nice presentation. We
      had the second floor to ourselves and decided on a rug to match the
      bedroom. At least 400 sq knots, almost on antique (90 years old),
      Kayeseri, hand made. Paid in cash. We came back to the US to get the
      rug appraised. To our discovery, the item was made in the 1970s, less
      than 200 sq knots and the value was HALF of what we paid. Now, we did
      not go to resell this rug, we wanted something nice as a memory for
      our trip. I have called the store personally at least 4 times and
      sent at least 4 emails. I did talk with the owner, who claims he is
      coming to the US in August. He promised pictures and to come to see
      us or at least arrange something. No repsonse in over one month. We
      contacted the hotel we stayed at to help us, we even contacted some
      We are to the point to arrange with someone to be our proxy to visit
      the store to trade or get our money back (for a percentage of the cost
      for your time). We sent emails to the consulate reporting such
      fraud....no luck. Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated and thanks.

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