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July 2007 New Books on Oriental Rugs and Ethnographic Textiles

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  • Dennis Marquand at RugBooks.com
    Dear Customers and Friends: Here is our list of titles we’ve added to our website in the past month. I especially want to point out the lavish new book,
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      Dear Customers and Friends:

      Here is our list of titles we’ve added to our website in the past month. I especially want to point out the lavish new book, Central Asia's Magnificent 99 Ikat Chapans: The Mehmet Cetinkaya Collection from one of Istanbul’s leading textile collector-dealers. This title and thousands of others can be found on our website at http://www.rugbooks.com.


      Dennis Marquand (dennis@...)

      Wesley Marquand (wesley@...)


      [ Istanbul ] Turkish Arts: Kaftans Istanbul (1980?) 9 large color plates 11 x 13.5 Folio in Good condition Nine large color plates of these Turkish textiles in the TIEM (Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts) suitable for mounting. Calls for 10 plates of which 9 are present. $40 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007204I


      [ Istanbul ] Turkish Arts: Carpets Istanbul (1980?) 9 large color plates 11 x 13.5 Folio in Good condition GWO 1287. Nine large color plates of these Turkish carpets in the TIEM ( Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts) suitable for mounting. Calls for 10 plates of which 9 are present. $40 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007205I


      Battilossi, Maurizio Tappeti d'Antiquariato 3 Turin 1988 25 CP 87 pp. 8 x 12 Paperback in Very Good condition GWO 69. A dealer exhibition and sales catalog. $45 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS003652I


      Bonhams and Butterfields The Abraham Moheban Collection September 27, 2005 Los Angeles - San Francisco 2005 161 pp. 8 x 10.5 Paperback in Fine condition 156 mostly full-page color plates. Sale #13227. $40 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007212I


      Cammann, Schuyler Costumes in China 1644-1912 Philadelphia 1979 3 CP 17 b/w 19 pp. 7 x 9.5 Paperback in Very Good condition Philadelphia Museum of Art Bulletin Vol 75 Number 326. $35 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS000499I


      Dymshits, Valery et al. Facing West, Oriental Jews of Central Asia and the Caucasus Zwolle 1999 43 CP 68 b/w 128 pp. 8.5 x 11 Paperback in Very Good condition Museum exhibition catalog. The color plates are mainly textiles and costume. The black and white illustrations are of historical photographs. $125 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS002961I


      Edgu, Ferit Karapinar Tulu Carpets Istanbul 1989 63 CP 64 pp. 9 x 12.5 Paperback in Very Good condition GWO 1215. Dr. Ayan Gulgonen's collection of these gabbeh-like shaggy rugs. $95 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS000562I


      Firth Carpet Company Firth Presents International Hooked Floor Coverings New York (No Date) 20 CP 3 b/w 32 pp. 7 x 10 Paperback in Good condition Early New York dealer catalog of machine-made rugs based on Oriental and Occidental designs. Original onion-skin cover has a few slight tears. $30 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007150I


      Fitz Gibbon, Kate and Andrew Hale Uzbek Embroidery in the Nomadic Tradition: The Jack A. and Aviva Robinson Collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Minneapolis 2007 207 pp. 8 x 10.5 Hardback in dustjacket in New condition 108 color plates detailing the 98 examples and 37 historical black and white photographs. Central Asia 's famous Silk Road is the source of the dynamic, highly abstracted embroideries of the Uzbek peoples. In this hardcover book, detailed color illustrations of the nearly 100 works in the Jack A. and Aviva Robinson Collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, as well as numerous historic and contemporary photographs, provide unparalleled access to the styles and techniques for which the embroideries of the Lakai and Kungrat nomads and the refined textiles of the city of Sharisabs are renowned. History, anthropology, and mythic tales blend with women's textile magic in this fascinating publication illuminating a brilliant artistic tradition. $60 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007209I


      Gittinger, Mattiebelle Selections from the Textile Museum: Indonesia Washington D.C. 1976 12 35mm color slides 16 pp. 6.5 x 9 Paperback in Very Good condition Scarce booklet containing twelve labeled 35mm color slides in fine condition of Indonesian textiles from the collection of the Textile Museum in Washington D.C. $125 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007181I


      Gulgonen, Ayan Konya Cappadocia Carpets from the 17th-19th Centuries Istanbul 1994 61 CP 112 pp. 9 x 13 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition Turkish rugs from the TIEM and Gulgonen collections. $125 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS002658I


      Hawley, Walter A. Oriental Rugs, Antique and Modern New York 1913 11 CP, 71 b/w, charts, maps 320 pp. 8 x 11 Hardback in Very Good condition GWO 516. First edition of this American classic. Beautifully rebound in three-quarter leather. $150 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS000818I


      Hyman , Virginia and William Hu Carpets of China and Its Border Regions Ann Arbor 1982 50 CP, 26 b/w 290 pp. 10.5 x 8 Hardback without dustjacket in Very Good condition GWO 1718. Places Chinese rugs in a broader cultural context. Color illustration of several historical textiles, rugs and fragments. $100 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS000159I


      Isaacson, Richard Architectural Textiles: Tent Bands of Central Asia Washington D.C. 2007 47 full color plates 124 pp. 8.5 x 11 oblong Paperback in New condition This exhibition catalog is a ground breaking study. Nothing like this has ever been published before. Isaacson explores the use of the tent band as the functional support for the trellis tent (yurt) and its decorative role. This book includes the technical analysis of 32 objects as well as detail images of all the bands. The final section of the book allows the reader to see the full design of these bands across a three page spread, which average 1' x 52' in size. $30 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007213I


      Jacobsen, Robert Imperial Silks: Ch'ing Dynasty Textiles in The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (2 Volumes) Minneapolis 2000 270 CP 330 b/w 1184 pp. 10 x 13.5 Hardback in dustjacket and slipcase in New condition This massive 22 pound two-volume book is the catalogue of the collection of Ch'ing (Qing) dynasty imperial textiles and costumes from The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The collection was amassed by San Francisco attorney William E. Colby throughout the decades of the 1920's and 1930's. It was acquired by The Minneapolis Institute of Arts under the advice of Alfred Pillsbury. Now consisting of over 600 items, it is considered one of the finest and most comprehensive holdings of Ch'ing textiles outside of China . The 1991 exhibition, Imperial Silks of the Ch'ing Dynasty is the foundation of this present comprehensive catalogue written by Dr. Robert Jacobsen, the museum' s curator of Asian Art. Imperial Silks opens with an overview of the archaeological record of silk in China and then divides the museum's collection of Ch'ing dynasty textiles into nine chapters of twenty-six basic categories of garments, decorative furnishings, and accessories. Arranged chronologically by type, about two hundred of the primary objects are accompanied by technical analysis. A glossary is also provided to clarify the terminology used for this study. An indispensable reference for libraries, scholars, collectors, dealers, and interested individuals alike, this catalogue will further promote our understanding of Chinese silk textiles, one of that nation's great accomplishments and one of the world's foremost artistic legacies. $210 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007210I


      Jaffe, Irma B. American Tapestries New York 1968 27 CP 8 b/w 52 pp. 8.5 x 9 Paperback in Very Good condition Travelling exhibition catalog of textile art by modern artists including Warhol, Avery, and Lichtenstein. Lower front corner of the cover is bent. $25 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007218I


      Juhasz, Esther ed. Sephardi Jews in the Ottoman Empire, Aspects of Material Culture Jerusalem 1990 64 CP, 108 b/w of textiles 280 pp. 8 x 9.5 Paperback in Good condition. GWO 2323. Chapters on textiles and costumes. Many rugs with Hebrew inscriptions. Front cover bent, otherwise Very Good. $35 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS000712I


      Jumaev, Koryogdi Central Asia's Magnificent 99 Ikat Chapans: The Mehmet Cetinkaya Collection Istanbul 2007 301 pp. 11.5 x 11.5 Hardback in dustjacket in New condition Exhibition catalog from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art (TIEM) coinciding with the 11th International Conference on Oriental Carpets in Istanbul. This handsome book from one of the world's major Islamic textile art dealers shows his own collection of Central Asian robes and coats mostly from Uzbekistan. An important contribution to the literature. 99 full page color plates, 149 color details, 29 color figures and 21 historical black and white illustrations. $225 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007214I


      Kalter, J. and M. Pavaloi Uzbekistan, Heirs to the Silk Road London 1997 437 CP 368 pp. 9.5 x 12 Paperback in New condition Major German museum exhibition of material culture of the Uzbeks. Originally published Stuttgart 1996. 190 CP rugs and textiles. $195 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS005328I


      Mathey, F. et al. Les Textiles de l'Inde, et les modeles crees par Issey Miyake (Textiles of India, and Models Created by Issey Miyake) Paris 1985 97 Color Plates 8.5 x 10.5 Paperback in Very Good condition Musee des Arts Decoratifs exhibition catalog of Indian textiles and designs by Japanese textile artist Issey Miyake . $50 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007220I


      Mehmed, Fenerci Osmanli Kiyafetleri - Ottoman Costumes Istanbul -2006 12 CP 12 pp. 10 x 13.5 Folio in As New condition A facsimile edition of 12 loose color plates in a folio with English and Turkish captions from the drawings done by Fenerci Mehmed in Bayezid, Istanbul in 1811 published by the Vehbi Koc Foundation on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Koc Group. $45 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007180I


      Nath, Aman and Francis Wacziarg Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan New York 1987 167 CP 228 pp. 10 x 10 Hardback in Very Good condition Living Traditions of India series. $35 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007219I


      Ochoa, Jorge Flores et al Gold of the Andes, The Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas and Guanacos of South America Barcelona 1994, 1995 612 CP 640 pp. 9.5 x 11 (oblong) Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition Two volume set show these cameloids in context of their culture through the ages including their representation in PreColumbian textiles and ceramics. $225 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS002644I


      Ozal, Semra intro. An Exhibition of A Traditional Turkish House (Washington D.C.) -1991 60 CP 28 pp. 6.5 x 9.5 Paperback in Very Good condition Textile Museum exhibition catalog. Includes sections on "Life in the Old Turkish Home", "Eating Tradition of the Turkish People", "Old Turkish Embroidery", and "The Special Language of the Oyas (Embroidered Borders/ Fringes) and the Talking Oyas", $50 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007183I


      Pirovano, Carlo et al. Museo Poldi Pezzoli: Arazzi Tappeti Tessuti Copti Pizzi Ricami Ventagli Milan 1984 30 CP 675 b/w 456 pp. 9.5 x 9.5 Hardback in dustjacket and slipcase in Fine condition The Poldi Pezzoli Museum catalog of its rugs, textiles, lace, embroidery, and Coptic textiles. Italian text. Illustrations show 6 CP and 4 b/w of carpets and 14 CP and 61 b/w of Coptic textiles. Former owner's neat bookplate. $90 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS005417I


      Sabahi, Taher Kilim, Tappeti Piani del Caucaso (Caucasian Kilims) Novara 1990 127 CP 195 pp. 8.5 x 11 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition GWO 1467. Italian text. Caucasian kilims. Signed copy. Most examples of any text in this area. $175 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS000256I


      Tanavoli, Parvis Riding in Splendour: Horse and Camel Trappings from Tribal Iran Tehran 1998 138 CP 53 b/w 214 pp. 8.5 x 11.5 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition Welcomed addition to the world of animal accoutrements in Persian tribal weaving. $85 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS002631I


      Tanavoli, Parviz Shahsavan, Iranian Rugs and Textiles NY 1985 96 CP 287 b/w 435 pp. 10 x 10 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition GWO 2151. Most important work on Northwestern Persian tribal rugs and kelims. $250 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS000088I


      The Embroiderers' Guild Embroidery, The Journal of the Embroiderers' Guild Volume 3 London 1935 54 b/w 100 pp. 8 x 10.5 Hardback in Very Good condition Complete bound four issue Volume 3. Includes articles on Persian Indian and Chinese embroidery. $60 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007202I


      The Embroiderers' Guild Embroidery, The Journal of the Embroiderers' Guild Volume 4 London 1935-1936 56 b/w 88 pp. 8.5 x 11 Hardback in Good condition Complete bound four issue Volume 4.Includes articles on Turkish and Russian embroidery. Hinges beginning to separate. $60 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007201I


      van Hout, Itie Batik - Drawn in Wax: 200 Years of Batik Art from Indonesia in the Tropenmuseum Collection Amsterdam 2001 208 pp. 9.5 x 11.5 Hardback in Near Fine condition Tropenmuseum exhibition catalog drawn from pieces donated by H.C. Veldhuisen. $35 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007221I


      von Mende, Erling et al. De Verboden Stad - The Forbidden City Rotterdam 1990 Full color illustrations 245 pp. 8.5 x 10.5 Paperback in Very Good condition Museum Boymans-van Beuningen Rotterdam exhibition catalog of Chinese art and textiles. 48 color plates are of costumes. Dutch-English. $20 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007178I


      Yurchenko, P. Folk Art of the Ukraine Kiev 1969 39 CP 45 b/w 48 pp. 9 x 8 Paperback in Very Good condition Uncommon Intourist publication of Ukranian ceramics, decorative painting, wood-carving, embroidery, carpets, fabrics, hot-shaped glass, glassware, metalware. Printed in the Soviet Union. 10 CP and 7 b/w are of rugs and textiles. $45 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007179I


       Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Volume 22 Number 3 November 1963 New York 1963 7.5 x 10 Paperback in Very Good condition Includes articles on Chinese "Ancestors and Tomb Robes" by Jean E. Mailey with 16 pages and 20 b/w illustrations and "Kashmir to Paisley" by Caroline Karpinski with 8 pages, 2 color plates and 7 b/w illustrations on shawls. $20 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007186I


       Harrods Carpets From the East to the West London (1920?) 20 CP 24 pp. 10 x 12 oblong Paperback in Very Good condition Early full color Harrods sales catalog of handmade oriental rugs. Includes beautiful orientalist drawings. $350 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007153I


       Guzel Sanatlar 5 Istanbul 1944 176 pp. 12 x 14 Paperback in chipped dustjacket in Good condition Well illustrated in color and black and white. Turkish arts, crafts and architecture. No textiles are shown. $20 http://www.rugbooks.com/catalog/product_view.php?prod_id=BOOKS007208I



      pp. – pages

      CP - color plates

      b/w - black/white illustrations

      GWO - George W. O'Bannon's Oriental Rugs, A Bibliography.


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