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  • Ruth Lockwood
    Dear Scott, The price is very fair indeed .I have seen the ultra fine, high quality silk on silk large size sumaks selling for a bit below nearly double
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
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      Dear Scott,
      The price is very fair indeed .I have seen the ultra fine, high quality  'silk on silk' large size sumaks selling for a bit below nearly double that price on todays Istanbul market .
      As Shahseven produces such a multitude of weavings, I wouldn't discount the fact that it may be possible for you to find a version of this design in an older piece. However nomadic renderings of this similar design, without the square divisions, but with wonderfully realistic large rooster motifs often appear on boldly coloured sumak weave 'mafrash' or bedding bag panels,as well as some finely woven bag faces.The colours are typically more tribal, with vibrant reds, oranges etc and the weave may be coarser, particularly on the mafrash panels, than the modern day 'silk' sumaks .
      Tribal Collections,
      Goreme ,

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      1. Re: Is this Azeri? Can you tell me more about it...?
      From: "ssshuster"


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      Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 06:38:50 -0000
      From: "ssshuster"
      Subject: Re: Is this Azeri? Can you tell me more about it...?

      Dear Khosrow, Ruth, iain, Barry and Tigran - thank you very much for your assessment of
      what has certainly turned out to be a quite common Shahsavan Soumak. I am very grateful
      for the interest you have shown in reviewing this item.

      While I am surprised to learn that it is such a common, even touristic piece, it is
      nonetheless a very lovely carpet -- common, but certainly a treasure to many a tourist, as
      it is to us, still! Even with so many interesting carpets in our collection, including that
      lovely Balutch that Ruth so kindly commented on last week, this is one of our favorites,
      and no less so for our having learned that it is so common. I don't know why but for some
      reason, we just LOVE this carpet -! Perhaps because it has HUMOR about it...! It is a lot of
      fun to have, look at and talk about.

      Here are a few additional facts that you may find of interest: The carpet is indeed "silk-
      on-silk"...and it was indeed purchased in the highly touristic environment of the Istanbul
      covered market...in 1999, not long after a significant Lira devaluation....for what I
      considered to be a very fair price for a piece of such an enormous size: US$1600.

      I am curious to know if there are older or antique carpets similar to this one--the
      rectangles, the dozens of roosters and chickens, the colors -- that are considered fine
      pieces worthy of a collection? While I still like and enjoy this piece, I am now curious to
      see and perhaps even consider for purchase finer works that are similar to the touristic
      imitation: Do such exist? Or is this design something that has always been a psuedo-
      traditional item for tourists only?

      With thanks in advance,

      In rug-fanatics@yahoogroups.com, "ssshuster" wrote:
      > This vast carpet is too large to light propertly, nor even to focus well given my paltry
      > equipment. It's BIG.. VERY BIG! And it's silk, and it's extremely colorful and beautiful.
      > We love it.
      > The carpet is all about POULTRY! Hundreds of images of chickens. No two panels are
      > identical. It is HOURS of enjoyment just to study this carpet. Are these fertility
      > We kept it over our bed for years (it worked!!)...
      > The whole picture:
      > http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/rug-fanatics/photos/view/3d77?b=29&m=f&o=0
      > Suspicious Chickens:
      > http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/rug-fanatics/photos/view/3d77?b=28&m=f&o=0
      > Baby Turkey in Shock:
      > http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/rug-fanatics/photos/view/3d77?b=27&m=f&o=0
      > Do you see the starving birds in prison garb? {Shudder!} One opinion said "Azeri!" but
      > another said "Iran, pretending to be Azeri." Purchased in the covered market, Istanbul,
      > 1999, from Kalendar Ozer, who I would like to visit again... If you know him please say
      > hello from Scott Shuster and Neon.


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