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Re: [rug-fanatics] Carpet Tag??

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  • ali sener
    dear friend, it is a turkish carpet the type of the rug is antik.it is the name only so that it is not antic or semi antic material. turkish rug manufacturers
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
      dear friend,

      it is a turkish carpet the type of the rug is antik.it is the name only so
      that it is not antic or semi antic material.
      turkish rug manufacturers started to reproduce old patterns and they
      create new style and new carpet by using wool on wool and natural vegetable
      dyes like in the past.that is why they call it antic.

      it was government project ,the government realisee it for the first time
      to realise the best quality rug and than the companies started.
      it is good type .that brass medal must be printed in museum to identify
      whether it is antic or not if it is antic they never let you to take it
      outside of the country.

      for more questions call or mail me.

      alisgata@... or canyasa@...


      >From: Corky Courtright <corky@...>
      >Reply-To: rug-fanatics@egroups.com
      >To: rug-fanatics@egroups.com
      >Subject: [rug-fanatics] Carpet Tag??
      >Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 08:29:45 -0700
      >I thought that some of you might be interested.
      >About a month ago I sent the following question to the list:
      >I have a new wool on wool turkish carpet. The carpet has a small brass tag
      >rivited on one corner. The tag has imprinted on it "Gold, Fine Antik,
      >A.1.40.45". Does the tag refer to an antique pattern used for the rug and
      >is the number a registration number for that pattern? The tag on the back
      >of the carpet lists the origin of the carpet as "Antik", does that mean
      >I received one very informative reply about the washing process of the
      >carpet. At that time I had also sent the same information request to a
      >carpet dealer in Istanbul that I have done bussiness with in the past.
      >Following is his reply:
      >Your carpet with the brass is woven near the town of Izmir.Izmir is located
      >about half way along the Aegean coast of Turkey and is the Smyrna of
      >antiquity(and of raisin and fig fame).The region has always
      >been a major weaving area with the formal workshops of Ushak producing
      >larger and more classical carpets,many of which have become some of the
      >collectable items in the world,and some nomadic
      >tribes of yester-years crafting some of the finest woolen tribal
      >carpets.Your carpet is woven by the
      >decsendants of a former nomadic tribe called the Yoruk.As most nomads
      >settled down,this wonderful
      >craft for the most part disappeared.A few families however,managed to
      >transform their ancient tradition
      >into an organized craft initiative.One of the most notable of a handful of
      >such famalies is the Manisa family
      >with whom we have been doing business with for several generations now.They
      >run very respectable workshops in Izmir and specialize in beautiful carpets
      >woven with the techniques and original patterns
      >of the region and their ancestors.We are sure that you will be pleased to
      >know that their
      >"ANTIK" line is one of the highest calibre of wollen carpets crafted
      >anywhere and they have won many
      >local and international awards for the quality and beauty of their
      >carpets,including a gold medal from
      >the national department of antiquities and traditional crafts,which they
      >like to remind us of with a golden-
      >brass tag which they attach to their most select works.The numbers,as you
      >have correctly guessed is
      >the registration number.

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