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RE: [rug-fanatics] Please keep this message!

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  • Nic Townsend
    To: Semi-damaged @ florence, Trust all as well, and that you are not entering a web-masters black hole as a result of all this unsubscribe me hysteria that
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 7, 2000
      To: Semi-damaged @ florence,

      Trust all as well, and that you are not entering a"web-masters black hole"
      as a result of all this "unsubscribe me" hysteria that appears to be the
      fashionable mail-move of the moment.
      Didn't hear from you aujourd-wee, so hoping that all is hangin' loose and
      that I will be hearing from the blud soon,

      Best regards

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      From: World Rugs Webmaster [mailto:webmaster@...]
      Sent: Monday, August 07, 2000 2:52 PM
      To: rug-fanatics@egroups.com
      Subject: RE: [rug-fanatics] Please keep this message!

      Hallo Loyal Fanatics of the Rug!

      In the wake (hopefully) of one of those 'unsubscribe storms' which seem to
      whip themselves up into a brief frenzy every now and then on Rug Fanatics as
      on every other discussion list worth its salt, I felt it might be opportune
      to point to a couple of the more helpful ways of unsubscribing, rather than
      the (for me) rather painful and (for the group as a whole) extremely
      irritating current fashion of simply posting your commands to the entire

      I know its easy - just reply to any posting and instruct the removal of your
      name - but there are two far more elegant and hugely less disruptive ways of
      achieving the same thing, which are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and are as follows:

      ***1. Unsubscribe via email:***

      Send a blank email to

      Here it is again with a link:

      (Remember to send this message from the same email address that your Rug
      Fanatics postings are sent to)

      ***2. Unsubscribe via the eGroups Web site:***

      a. Go to the 'My Groups' page at eGroups
      (click http://click.egroups.com/1/7167/_/_/_/_/1974/ to go to the My Groups
      b. Find the group from which you'd like to unsubscribe (e.g. rug-fanatics)
      c. Choose "Unsubscribe" from the pull-down menu next to the name of the
      d. Click the "Save Changes" button

      NB: You can also choose to receive a *Daily Digest* of Rug Fanatics messages
      instead of Individual Emails from this same drop down list on the My Groups
      page as well - that way you won't get all these 'unsubscribe me' messages
      clogging up your inbox, while you will continue to have the chance to read
      and contribute to such interesting threads as the recent ones about Dyes and
      Caucasian Prayer Rugs.

      Please don't imagine for one second I want anyone (well, almost anyone) to
      unsubscribe from Rug Fanatics - I am simply trying to prevent all these
      unnecessary unsubscribe messages that are posted to the group from driving
      other members nuts and thereby inevitably encouraging even more
      resignations, while saving me a little work and providing a rather more
      dignified means of exit than the public hara-kiri of the current mode in the

      Please keep this message somewhere safe, and accessible. Then hopefully we
      can run a nice clean discussion list all about rugs.

      PS If you've forgotten your eGroups Password:

      1. Go to the eGroups password reminder page at:


      2. Enter the email address that you used when you registered with
      (It will be the one where you get your rug-fanatics posts at the moment).

      3. EGroups will send you a temporary password.

      Thanks to everyone
      Your semi-damaged moderator
      Iain Stewart
      World Rugs Webmaster <mailto:webmaster@...>
      and Rug Fanatics Moderator

      ** Subscribe to, post photos to, learn about, **
      ** browse, even unsubscribe from, Rug Fanatics **
      ** at http://www.egroups.com/groups/rug-fanatics/ **
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