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Re: [OrientalRug] Hereke Silk - Buying is an art too

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  • erol
    and people like you are not artist of that art. You say in one of your previous post that you bought some rugs at touristic costal cities in Turkey. No problem
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 5, 2002
      and people like you are not artist of that art.

      You say in one of your previous post that you bought some rugs at
      touristic costal cities in Turkey. No problem here, you can do if you
      want to pay some more from little to much more.
      But you do not have the right to complain about being cheated.
      You want to be sure if the rug is real Hereke or not? The only way of
      knowing that is to buy the rug from the source [weaving source.]
      Have you spent a little effort to visit a Hereke silk weaving area and
      buy a rug(s) there by seeing the rug/s in person? Haven't you ever
      thought of that the simplest answer to buy a true Hereke in the
      source? No, no, no. But you lazy as* shopped only at the places where
      you have spent your holidays. Why have you done these? Because you
      have been cheated first by those so-called rug scholers who have
      adviced you to shop at big rug shops, from so-called rug
      authorities (wealthy dealers.) Why ? Because them rug scholars have
      been working with them. Have they ever adviced you you to go to a
      weaver area for a safe (true rug) purchase? No. So, you (buyers and
      scholars) are cheating each others.

      I am a consultant (in international trade and res.&dev.) for industry
      sector, and rarely sell rugs on the net because I live among weavers.
      At international trade, buyers well know that the best is to contact
      manufacturers directly. Sometimes, they pay them a little more than
      they could pay a trader. But they do want to do business with the
      manufacturer because they know the art of buying. In this rug field,
      people from scholars to wholebuyers to retail buyers do not know the
      art of buying. Then, when they get cheated they often accuse others.
      Comparing manufacturing in the industry and rug field; most of hereke
      silk manufacturers are weavers themselves weaving at homes. So, it
      must be more fun and safe to do business with these manufacturers - to
      buy from these artists direct. Instead, with people like you and those
      so-called rug scholars, this rug field which is one of
      interesting/beauty/workmanship is being killed. If you do not
      appreciate the things/efforts spent for creating the beauty, you
      deserve to get cheated. Everybody in this field can be accused in
      killing this field. The only ones who cannot be accused are the
      weavers. This is sure.

      Well, I have 2 silk rugs now http://www.halikilimci.com
      But my price for people like you are more than I currently want.
      You chose - Get cheated or Pay more.

      By the way, Hereke town is no more a major weaving source - There are
      many towns/villages in Turkey where weavers weave at homse. So, all
      info given in this thread is either biased or wrong unintentionally.
      You have a lot to learn , even simple things such as the surest way of
      buying a true Hereke is to buy it from the source direct. Do you have
      the time to leave those touristic coastal towns if you do not want to
      get cheated? Or, actually, you are cheating yourself?
      I hope you got the experience now after my words.

      > > On 6/20/2002 at 2:38 PM Bauer-Unternehmensberatung@t...
      > > OrientalRug@y... wrote:
      > > >It ist so - but also double knot - and the dealers dón´t say in
      > > cases
      > > >"woven in China" !! - And if you later come back to the dealer
      > > >protest of the wrong quality - you can get the answer : Excuse
      me - but I
      > > >don´t know it myself - I bought it as a Hereke - so we together
      make a
      > > >mistake and you don´t get your money back ! - That´s my
      experience !
      > > -
      > > >So you get experience .
      > > >
      > > >with kind regards,
      > > >yours Ingo Bauer
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