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Re: Conga instructional books/videos

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  • drumwoulf
    Richie Sanabria has an excellent 3 vhs/dvd series. Conga Basics , Fundomental 1 , and Fundomental 2 . Also check out Descarga.com. It s a Latino music shop
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2005
      Richie Sanabria has an excellent 3 vhs/dvd series. "Conga Basics",
      "Fundomental 1", and "Fundomental 2". Also check out Descarga.com.
      It's a Latino music shop in Brooklyn that has everything! Just a
      little bit of searching there on your part will bring up many good
      conga instructional things.

      Greywoulf d];>]}

      --- In rudiments@yahoogroups.com, "chuckles1283" <chuckles1283@y...>
      > Hey everyone!
      > I just received a pair of conga drums for Christmas, and I was
      > wondering if anyone had any recommendations as far as books/videos
      > to teach me conga technique. Any input will be appreciated!
      > Thanks.
      > Greg
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