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[JOB] Rails Developer | 70-195k (no joke) | Paid Relo

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  • techdude27
    My client is an internet startup that raised a $1 MM angel round last year from the top angels in Silicon Valley, CA. They re currently raising a VC round and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2007
      My client is an internet startup that raised a $1 MM angel round last
      year from the top angels in Silicon Valley, CA. They're currently
      raising a VC round and should close next month. They've also launched
      two additional companies simultaneously: one is a consumer facing site
      related to social networks; the other is a B2B company in stealth
      mode. They're in downtown San Francisco near all the best lunch and
      dinner spots. Very accessible via BART, bus, etc.

      * Amazing Ruby on Rails coder who takes no prisoners
      * Learn new languages extremely fast
      * Intensely driven and proactive person
      * Extremely hard working. This is a start-up - team members work long
      * Quick learner and real doer. Err on execution over strategy
      * Likeable person who garners respect on and off the job
      * Thrive on chaos, risk, and uncertainty
      * Should be easy to get along with, nice, fun, smart, ethical, and
      * Strong desire to build a more ethical society
      * Desire to be an early employee and want to be a real owner in their
      * Should want to live in or near San Francisco (relocation package
      available if necessary)
      * All levels of experiences should apply (0-25+ years experience)

      * Build out next set of ground-breaking features
      * Build algorithms to detect and attack fraud
      * Solve the most complex engineering problems no one else in the world
      is working on
      * Change the world and make it more profitable to be ethical

      * High cash comp above market| high equity
      * Philosophy: A-players dominate. Have fewer people and pay more

      Additional perks:
      * Personal MacBook Pro or Windows based machine
      * Medical insurance
      * Kitchen stocked with treats

      If you are interested in this position and either live in or would
      like to live in San Francisco, please submit your resume, salary
      requirements, and a paragraph (or two) highlighting your
      skills/experience to beau@...

      Thank you,
      Beau J. Gould

      Open Source Staffing
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