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393Re: Its time for a Ruby OS , and here it is

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  • pabhishek22
    Dec 21, 2006
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      Hello Pratik

      --- In ruby-india@yahoogroups.com, Pratik <pratik16@...> wrote:

      > Sounds good. But, I'm not really very clear what it
      > exactly does. It'd be great if you can put up some
      > tiny examples of it. Currently, it looks like DIY
      > linux to me.

      Oh sure, sneOS is not "just another" distro which can run ruby. The
      goal is to build an optimized operational environment which can run
      ruby/rails applications. So, what do I exactly mean by optimised
      environment?. I still don't have documented definition for
      "Optimized", but for now I refer to "just-in-time compilation of ruby
      code" , and "caching the native code (of app controllers) in rails
      environment". In a way, I want to do something similar to (infact,
      more than) what .net does to asp.net code and its framework. All such
      efforts will be realised in the form of small sub-modules under sneOS.
      Hence sneOS would be "a ruby OS". What you see currently, in sneOS is
      my build of ruby interpreter, its to get started...

      Hmmmmm.... I know it looks very different when i so easily say
      compiling ruby... 'coz many efforts have already gone in to getting a
      dynamic language to machine level object code... with very less
      success... For now , I am not planning to do that way, rather want to
      concentrate on getting on-fly machine code foot prints of "ruby
      process execution", and experiment with it. Wish me and my team a good

      Any comments and thoughts are extremely desired from the community! so
      please get this going in the thread... let me know of what you think
      could be the right definition of "optimized environment"...

      Abhishek Parolkar
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