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390Its time for a Ruby OS , and here it is

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  • pabhishek22
    Dec 20, 2006
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      hello world,
      We talk ruby , we play rails. I got to tell you that we need a
      scalable ruby platform( I mean, execution environment) designed "only
      for ruby".

      --> Why?
      --<'coz next generation web2.0 applications designed by ruby/rails
      demand high performance... and 'coz programs written in ruby should
      be able to run natively on wide processor architectures without
      without ruby interpreter...

      --> Ruby is dynamic language, its my favorite scripting language then
      Mr Abhishek, why u are spoiling the beauty of ruby, why the h*ll you
      want me to compile my ruby programs for different architectures?.
      --< Cool down! , The "dynamism" and "intuitiveness" of ruby code
      allows us to realize our ideas fast, and we can do rapid prototyping.
      Thats fine, but when ruby programs are deployed for production use...
      they are a little slow. Decide! you want to give slow program to your

      --> Hey man!, Processors are getting cheap! I can always increase
      processor clocks to tune my deployed ruby code. I mean, I am not
      worried about economics of computing?.
      --< Hold on, Ask yourself , Is it just processor or added physical mem
      or added fancy dual processor board that increases efficiency?

      --> Oh ok, so has anybody else tried to do what you are trying to do?
      --< yes , "XRuby" is ruby to java byte code converter... a good work ,
      Its for java byte code lovers...

      --> Oh ok, tell me what is your project all about?
      --< [sneos.ip6.in]SneOS is the most simple and tiny operating system
      based on vanilla linux kernel. The goal of this OS distribution is to
      optimize the linux for ruby friendly applications. The size of current
      release is about 24MB. I would like every body to help me in finding
      areas where an operating system can be optimized for "ruby".

      --> I want to have a look.
      --< You are heartily welcomed! http://sneos.ip6.in (if this domain is
      temporarily down, catch it at

      --> I am interested to get involved...
      --< wonderful, lets get started , mail me at abhishek@...

      Abhishek Parolkar
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